Secretary Of State Anthony J.Blinken “Alliances” speech Demands Accountability From The U.S And NATO allies In The Quest For Human Rights And the Protection of Democracy

On March 24th, at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, the  U.S Secretary Of State Anthony J.Blinken delivered a pivotally important speech following consultations with allied foreign ministers. The remarks reinforce the demand for accountability and honest collaboration between the U.S and its allies. It ignites a narrowed focus to jointly uphold human rights and defend  democratic values from modern threats throughout the world.

In the beginning of his remarks Secretary Blinken declared that “ The world looks very different than it did decades ago, when we forged many of our alliances or even than it did four years ago. Threats have multiplied. Competition has stiffened. Power  dynamics have shifted. Trust in our alliances has been shaken – and that goes for trust in each other and trust in the strength of our commitments”. He acknowledges that global political pressure amidst loose commitment in alliances has weakened trust but claims that “Our shared values of  democracy and human rights are being challenged” reigniting a call to jointly valued collaboration.

Additionally, Blinken enlightens NATO leaders on the “fact that we need alliances – now as much as ever” and claiming that “The challenge we face is to adapt and renew those alliances so they can meet today’s threats…” Thus marking a transformation of strengthened allied ties but also adding it as “a key part of the foreign policy of the

Biden-Harris Administration,” and noting  “it’s a change from the past that our allies are already seeing” which supports how the U.S is transforming as well.


This means challenging leaders and nations to be more accountable of their commitment to jointly defending democracy  by “openly addressing the fact that some of our partners are moving in the wrong direction” and to “hold one another to the values at the heart of our alliances”. Also adding the need to “speak up when countries take steps that undermine democracy and human rights” warning that “When we give into these pressures, we embolden our adversaries”

These statements come in response to Beijing and Moscow increasingly using access to critical resources, markets, and technologies to pressure U.S allies and drive wedges between them. U.S foreign policy will now instead “cooperate to develop cutting-edge innovations; ensure that our sensitive supply chains are resilient; and set the norms and standards that will govern emerging technologies and impose costs on those who break the rules”

Blinken remarks continue to outline a clear picture on  how U.S foreign policy will behave in terms of its commitment to and in cooperation with allies. These remarks are clearly underscored by an implication of U.S global leadership moving forward. This leadership exemplified by a genuine commitment to upholding global accountability in the defense of democratic values and a more honest commitment to its foreign policy promises with allies .

Secretary Blinken closes his remarks by restating the common cause behind, what could be, a newly transformed collaboration between NATO allies “ So let me be clear about what the United States can promise to our allies and partners…

We must demonstrate not only what our alliances defend against, but also what they stand for. Like the right of all people everywhere to be treated with dignity and have their fundamental freedoms respected. A world that is more secure, more peaceful, more just, and more equitable . A world with greater health, stronger democracies, and more opportunity for more people.

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