12 jurors are selected for the Derek Chauvin trial in the case against George Floyd’s death

The jurors have been officially chosen for the trial against Derek Chauvin, who is charged for the murder of George Floyd. 

The numbers represented on the bench are more diverse than the city of Minneapolis itself, with three Black men, one Black woman, six white individuals, and two jurors that identify as multi-racial out of a total 12 jurors. These numbers will only remain if none of the three white alternatives replace the main bench. 

Many activists who believe that Chauvin is guilty have been convinced that the makeup of the jury could sway the verdict to their side. However, racial diversity is only the first step in making that possible. 

Two of the three Black men on the jury are immigrants, and the third is a veteran. Although they expressed that racism exists but that they also had positive experiences with police. Their opinions around police brutality were not overt, so their opinions may sway depending on the evidence the case provides.

The prosecutors are careful to not choose especially opinionated jurors to avoid heavy scrutiny from the defense, possibly striking, or removing them from the trial. 

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