12-Year-old Ulrich before and now – By Nigerian doctor James King

Sometime in 2017, someone sent me a signpost inbox that read “If you give to the poor, you are feeding the poor. But if you give to the poor and put it on social media, you are feeding your ego”.

That got me thinking deeply. It got to me.

I actually wanted to throw it up to the public for diverse opinion.

I retracted.

I took it all in, …albeit very quietly.

Sometime after that, I stopped publicising my humanitarian deeds to the public.

No single social media update on them.

Then, another voice in my heart kept on telling me it was not for some ego tripping I do what I do daily.

A conflict in me ensued.

And that putting them up publicly was for the greater good.

…among a plethora of reasons, that it deeply inspires the world around me.

And that there was so much insensitivity, selfishness and bad news flying all around. That spreading humanitarian good news and inspiring others to do same was NOT FEEDING MY EGO. That the effect is already far reaching.

And that I was working hard for a new paradigm shift in the social media space and beyond.

This inner conflict persisted until today.

Remember 12-Year-old Ulrich?

Can you imagine how he has been transformed? Mercyships helped straighten his lower limbs. To him, straight legs mean a new straight start in life, …for this 12-year-old boy who received free surgery on the #AfricaMercy to correct his backward facing legs.

He now has a new lease of life.

These charities of others and mine will come more on my handles now and always.

Dr. James King is a Nigerian doctor doing an amazing job in his country

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