February 2, 2023

30-year old Zimbabwean broadcaster Zororo Makamba dies from coronavirus

Zororo Makamba
The late Zororo Makamba

A 30-year old Zimbabwean broadcaster Zororo Makamba has died from coronavirus, an indication that even the young can succumb to COVID-19.

Reports said Makamba was diagnosed with coronavirus on Saturday, and his condition deteriorated rapidly after he was admitted to an isolation centre in the capital, Harare.

BBC said Makamba had a high profile as a broadcaster and had come from a wealthy family.

BBC said: “There are concerns about Zimbabwe’s ability to cope with the disease, even if there are only a few cases. A nation which, at the best of times, has shortages of basics such as painkillers, gloves and masks, and a more critical shortage of ventilators and oxygen tanks.

“As the reality sinks in, Zimbabweans have begun observing a ban on large gatherings.

“On Sunday, churches were largely empty and on Monday banking halls and some supermarkets are limiting the number of people within their premises”.

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Jay lee
Jay lee
2 years ago

This truce shall pass. Father Your name Jehovah Shalom comfort this family as only You can IJMN Amen

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