37 Nigerian internet scammers who were living like royals arrested

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The South-east Zonal Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 arrested 37 suspected internet fraudsters in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

The arrest followed a raid on some targeted residences in Okwu Urata, Aladinma and Egbu areas.

The Commission’s action followed intelligence report which pointed that the suspects were living lavish lifestyles without any known means of livelihood, alleging further that they specialize in defrauding unsuspecting victims, through the internet.

In the course of executing the search warrants, items which included laptop computers, 25 exotic cars, which include several brands of Mercedez-Benz, Lexus, Toyota and expensivemobile phones, were recovered.

Speaking on the development, theZonal Head, Usman Imam, who said the exercise was in line with the Commission’s mandate decried the high rate of cybercrime in the zone which he blamed on the erosion and breakdown  of  country’s values.

“It is true that no society has been able to totally eradicate crime, but we are ready at least to reduce it to the barest minimum and it appears that this cybercrime is one of the challenges of our time, which theEFCC is willing to face drastically,” Imam said.

Questioning the lifestyle of the suspects, Iman said; “What is the business of a university student, a new graduate or youth corper looking for money to buy a car of N10 million? Obviously, this is rushing life and a collapse of our positive value system where people rarely want to start from a humble beginning,” Imam added.

Usman lamented that if nothing wasdone, the country’s leadership could be jeopardized as many youths involved in cybercrimes are expected to take up leadership positions in the future.

The suspects who volunteered their statements under caution will be charged to court as soon investigations into the matter are concluded.         

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Tony Orilade
Tony Orilade
Tony Orilade, a Nigerian journalist, is Acting Head, Media and Publicity of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja, Nigeria. This is an official statement from him. The headline might have been slightly modified.


  1. I have also been scammed by these scammers pretending to be in the military from the US. I have lost thousands, believing in people. I can’t trust anyone I feel like saying to them I am not a bank account. Hope these people go to jail and never be freed

  2. Are there any updates on the disposition of this case regarding these 37 Nigerian scammers? I might have input on these. Is there a Joseph Dare involved ?

  3. There is also a group from Australia who are big time scammers- they call it “ Hustling “ They have big fine homes-cars- wear suits like they have “jobs” They have stolen thousands & thousands of dollars from women- They are also involved in an “investment” company and try to get women to invest. Then they take the money. The name of the investment company is “ Universal FX Investments” It is all a scam! These scums need to be stopped!

  4. I hope you got a ohunola oyewale first bank stateoyowas used as Michael wood in USA military over there phone 2348130621595

  5. I hope the man using the name “Malone M Brandon” is one of these who were arrested. I didn’t lose as much money as some people has, but I fell for his lies and his deception. I hope God repays him for everything that he has done to others as well as me.

  6. I was heavily scammed by a man using the name John Crawford … hope he is one of them you caught …

  7. im not good looking at all and am always targeted by these type of people thankfully i never been scammed. i do have an ip tracker so i kn ow what area these so called good looking females are from

  8. I was scammed of my life savings by a John Robert who I met on line in 2014. I was still grieving the loss of my husband and thought he was an honest person. I was happy to find a friend? but he got everything, my heart, my love, my health, and my family. Now on Google. Using different names but sent me photos of a man who reminded me of my late husband. Said he was smarter than me and said he was in Canada but the funds were sent to Nigeria. Now I’m 79 and my health is hurting as well as my being able to sort through problems at home. I owe taxes and may end up with out my home which is all I didn’t sell to help him.

  9. I also have been scammed..
    Yes now I can believe he was not real.. but please everyone realize, those of who were scammed have experienced both loss of our cash but our emotional loss is far greater

  10. I fell for a scam as well. Out of the four scams I fell for, At least to of them were probably Nigerians. Its really sad how these African scammers can get away with this. They all need to be rounded up, arrested, and forced to pay restitution back to their victims. I lost a few thousand dollars in scams.

  11. I’ve been a victim twice first name was Alfermann Armstrong pretending to be a Mining Engineer and got a project in Lagos Nigeria never found if his real😭 and the second was Robert Kenneth Jones he was posing as an Architect from Baltimore Maryland with Address 6938 Unit 2A Marsue Drive Baltimore Maryland USA 21215 He had story of being stranded in Phnom Phen Cambodia while collecting his dead father’s money who worked there as an Engineer. I posted his pictures and his alleged phone numbers in Maryland and Cambodia on Facebook to keep warn his next victims. Account name on Facebook ROBERT KENNETH JONES.

  12. Law force agencies don’t want to help
    I have been on touch kumare hayes who works in a children’s hospital who admited she received my money but then got a so called Dr Arum Sharma involved who threatened me; these criminals need to be caught

  13. Nigeria scammers car sale men soldiers
    Construction workers. Pretend they love you. But they lie.

  14. I was scammed and lost 182k scammer used the name Kavi Mistry said lived in St Jose USA owned a company called New Age Construction. Beneficiaries were Kumarie Hayes works in children’s hospital. Julie Patel from USA a respitory assistant. Ampola Antonio from USA and marvis Ronald in Poland

  15. Being a person with great common sense, I really don’t understand how anyone can be stupid enough to fall for and send money to these scammers. Smh.

  16. I was the victim. I got cheated of USD 11k. The scammer goes under the name of nicolaslee188 in Instagram.

  17. That good they got them and arrest them and I know they are very stupid to do that and there are no not easy to do that and the cops can find them from to use internet

  18. My scammer was Ugo Anya, scammer name Basten Logan. Lagos Nigeria then moved to Capetown. Pos. Glad you managed to capture some, but in Nigeria there are many thousands just like them. They learn from their parents.

  19. Never send anyone online money. They will make up some kind of story to make you feel sorry for them. They like stealing American soldier pictures. Don’t believe it. An active soldier won’t come on social media normally

  20. I was scammed by a person of Nigeria.$26,000.00-Mr Wisdom Akidom-Penn City State lokogoma Abuja, Nigeria. Phone-23480696780057
    He asked to send money To Bank of America for Ashaniam Adzenda 2222 east west connector Austel Georgia
    Account-334054900774. Routing # 061000052- i don’t know what to do. I have all documents evidence.

  21. I was also a victim twice. The first was September of last year. He introduced himself as Alex eddy, an engineer. Asked me to send money to Ghana, and the recipients were Bernice Allison and Diamond Axcel Parwon. The other person who scammed me introduced himself as Markus Siegel. Asked me to send money to Bruce Wicket in Australia. The other recipient was Josephat Nwugo in New York, the last who supposedly to receive the money was Charles Nnaeme Nnaaji. Total of what was gotten from me was more than $4000. Until now, I have not totally gotten over of what happened to me. I really hope that the the names I have mentioned be caught and put to jail. I know it may be impossible for me to get back my money. But if I can get it back, I will be very thankful.

  22. Very painful and I empathise with various victims. If you still feel your scammer is out there, and you are equipped with his details, pls pursue it with EFCC until you are confident of his arrest. Let’s beware.

  23. You meet them on Instagram , FB , then they ask you to join hangout to talk, they say they don’t like to talk on messenger or Instagram, they get you to open a hangout account. I never sent them money, I waited til they started to ask, I knew weeks later that was coming .

  24. Their on Instagram too, using white mens pictures, one was a Sargent in the service over there, another a doctor, another a boat captain . They friend you and they are Africans . They get to know you for awhile, they say where their at they can’t talk on phone, then they get into they can’t get their money from bank in USA , if you could buy them a money card. I am like here we go, I knew it, I was waiting for the money part . Another is they want their big money package to come to your house, but to have it delivered is 6,999 dollars but there’s a key code to container, pay 4,000, he’ll give you key code on delivery open box pay the rest then take out your money. Lol beware on Instagram .

  25. Let’s hope other African counties follow this too namely Gambia where this is happening too. Also let’s hope they are punished properly too

  26. I was also Victim of these scammers and thank you for your services of having them all arrested… Next steps is to have Efcc work with court in nigeria to see all the victims they have scammed all over state included united state America and make sure everyone gets paid back…

  27. I was scammed last year. I wonder if these are the same group.
    Sad how they work on Christian people!

  28. Please fins out if John Fritsch and Ryan Sullivan are both Nigerian scammers suppose to be in the US Army,have been there 3 years on a special mission. Please dont give name or e-mail

  29. I lost just over $200.000 to scammer from there and else where im only now have my disability pension to live on they took what I had gotten out of my divorce so now just get by on my small pension , why do bad people do these things to others .from AUSTRALIA I LIVE AGED 60.now.

  30. Good job keep getting all of them I am being scammed now out of turkey but I am no fool I know what he is trying to pull so he doesn’t know how a southern woman can fool a fool 😂 haha

  31. Sir I do appreciate for your greatest job
    Bad people was hurting Soo many innocent people . Bad people took advantage on kindly people’s heart 💓. On people ‘ s love . On trust…. people. Please keeping eyes with someone who was General living and working at Kabul Afghanistan had two daughters in Military ‘ s school board

  32. I have lost a lot of money to these low life’s. I know now they are scammers but at the time you really think you are helping them. I have no idea who and where they are but pray one day Karma will catch up with them.

  33. I can smell a scammer from far far away. Was smart enough to realize it and played the game but never sent any money or cashed fraudulent checks. Be careful people. They’re still out there and you should never continue conversations when money is spoken of.

  34. I too met a man by the name of Wayne Warrick lost a lot of money to this fool. He is in Accra Ghana. He is some sort of low life.

  35. Good job. The Scammer that got me went by the name Hunter Cement. He took 5000.00 off me and 500.00 in I-tunes cards. I lost my home car everything but most i lost my self-respect. I don’t trust anymore. My scammer is still out there somewhere doing it to others. He always had me to send to his daughter’s teacher or so he said. I thought i was helping his daughter with things she needed for school. He claimed he worked for an oil rig in Stockton California but had no way to send her money. I know i will never recope what i lost but good job.

  36. My scammer lives in Lagos, i believed he was a soldier in the USA army.
    After 18 months I realised I was scammed out of over £10,000 GBP and I have all details of who he is, plus pictures and receipts. Even up to present day pics, email addy and social media account names.
    Keep up the good work!!

  37. Thank god some have been caught. I was scammed of 42k from someone pretending to be a soldier in Ghana. Hope they find them too.

  38. My scammer is from Warri, Nigeria. He pretended to be a contract worker on a oil rig. I found out the real man and he was a Pastor of a very famous church here in the states. I confronted my scammer and his real name is VICTOR JOHNSON FIGBELE. In the year and a half I talked to him I had sent him 13,000.00 dollars. And I sent it to Victor every time because that was who he would ask me to send it to. I still have all the western union and moneygram receipts for every transaction. It would be great if you could get him and let him know it was me who turned him in. Keep up the good work and if you need proof, I will be glad to send copies of my transactions with Victor Figbele.

  39. Good glad they been caught the laugh is on them now sick the lot of them I’ve got one trying to do it to me now but I know what his game is

  40. Thank for getting these criminals cause thats what there are. I also was a victim. I lost $14,000 to man posing as a soldier. I really thought i found love but after a couple years he only wanted money money money. Never found out who he was.

  41. I was scammed never found out who scammed me. I lost nearly £7000 they take your heart and they took away my confidence and dignity. I met him on the dating site plenty of fish he went by Jason kline said he was a general I caught up in the trunk box scam

  42. Wow beautiful work done. Sorry for all the people that lost their income or savings.

  43. I myself was a victim of a scammer. I’ve lost everything and judging by the above article they live better then I do! May justice be done on those criminals.

  44. Sir with all due respect.You’re doing a very good job. Those scammers has taken over fb.Instagram hangout etc. They need to put in jail for a very long time and throw away the key….. To many innocent people getting hurt,their hearts been tearn apart leaving them penniless and their hard earnings taken away from them…. All those people who lost what they worked so hard for , it’s to much for them to bear. Some commit suicide.. They’re heartless green snakes. Putting a bad name on your country and it’s government. They need to find a job. They’re bad people. I hope the prosecutor who prosecuting these wicked bastards ask the judge for stuff penalty and make them pay RESTITUTION to those people they steal from….

  45. Good job. Keep up the good work.
    Do you have any scammers working out of Accra, Ghana?
    My friend said he went there after leaving the Scam Game. Just curious.

  46. My new Nigerian friend wants a merc, they don’t understand that youngsters in our country have to work their way up to achieve these goals
    I’m worried for your country
    Personally I have dealt with about 60 of them
    Always with the same story, the Government is corrupt

  47. I was scammed out of $32,000
    And unable to find out who he was.
    Hope he was in this bunch.

  48. great job! I unfortunately lost over fifty Grand. You can find my scammer on Google Hangouts by the name of Jeff Schaffer, who in Facebook when he was on there

  49. Good job! Congrats! Please never stop and don‘t give up! I‘m a victim too…lost a lot. All victims need you! Thanks you for your work!

  50. Thank for this job well done but more has to done with these scammers. Your country is getting a very bad name for the work of these assholes. If you want a better place for your youths. crack down harder on these sort of people.

  51. We are also victims of these scammers we lost almost R90k with a company called Blue finance operated from in Nigeria

  52. I lost a lot of money by two men in Lagos Nigeria they should do jail time and give us our money back

  53. It is really very great job.. Thank you.. I am also the victim of scammer from Nigeria, which was activ in Ghana. His name is David Erabor, using picture, name and identity of US General John R. ALLEN. I lost lot of money. Using identity of General said that David Erabor is teacher of generals son Kelly Allen, studying in Accra.

  54. Thank you very much for your good Job. I am one of the innocent victims, too. My Scammer is still free, living in Warri, Nigeria. Hope, we can get him down, also. Driving White Toyota Car…living as a King!


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