81 days to the U.S. presidential election – Perspectives by Simon Ateba

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For those reading me around the world, let me summarize what is happening here in the United States. In 81 days, Americans would sack Trump and elect Biden or re-elect Trump and send Biden into final retirement in Delaware.

Things may change, but as of today, the most likely outcome is that Biden would win and the Democrats would retake the Senate and keep the House of Representatives, especially because of the calamity that is coming.

In a normal year here in the United States, common flu kills tens of thousands of people. However, the CDC has warned that this year, a mixture of the deadly coronavirus and common flu would be deadlier.

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Because millions of Americans have refused to wear masks and the economy is reopening at a time the virus is accelerating dangerously, and about to hit hard as the weather turns cold, the catastrophe is almost unavoidable.

In the recent Fox News poll, 85 percent of registered voters are concerned about the coronavirus. But that is now, as we enter the cold season, things would worsen since there’s no national plan on wearing of masks, social distancing and slow and gradual reopening.

The black and brown people also consider President Trump to be a racist. 99.9 of his appointments, including all the judges have been white people. They won’t vote for him.

And even rural America, which is often considered to be Republican, seems to be fed up with the chaos in Washington DC.

Besides, Trump’s executive order on unemployment benefits is turning against him. Behaving like a dictator and an African king, he tried to undermine Congress, but his executive order slashed the benefits, did not do anything for all struggling Americans with kids, and did not provide fundings for various services that need it.

Immigration is about to sack 13,000 workers because of that on August 30. The post service is in disarray. Struggling parents with kids won’t receive any benefits as recommended by Congress. His executive order created more mess than good and people seem to be sick and tired of the whole thing. They would likely go for a change than the status quo.

The election is not really about President Trump versus former Vice President Biden. It’s Trump versus Trump.

However, 81 days to election day is a long time in politics. Everything can still change between now and then. There are millions of people in the Midwest who still love their President, especially when he tells them the Mexicans and foreigners are invading us and bringing crimes and drugs….and cheap labor…..

So anything can change and Trump can end up winning if he can help himself. But with Twitter close to his fingers, it would be hard to help himself….going by what we know about him.

My take is that for him to win, something bigger than coronavirus should happen between now and then.

However, even if he went to war, it would be hard to shake the country like COVID-19 has done.

About 170 thousand Americans have already died, the worst death toll in the world. More than 5 million have contracted the deadly bug, the highest number in the world.

As we enter the cold season, that number may go up by hundreds of thousands as the CDC and respected Dr. Anthony Fauci have warned.

Trump has taken them off the daily press briefing at the White House because they were telling Americans the truth. But because of that, hundreds of thousands of people more may pay with their lives.


Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
Based in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America, Simon leads a brilliant team of reporters, freelance journalists, analysts, researchers and contributors from around the world to run TODAY NEWS AFRICA as editor-in-chief. Simon Ateba's journalistic experience spans over 10 years and covers many beats, including business and investment, information technology, politics, diplomacy, human rights, science reporting and much more. Write him: simonateba@todaynewsafrica.com


  1. The way the Democratic Party are desperate to win this election should ordinarily be a cause for concern. Then, who do we have as its presidential candidate? Joe Biden!
    Mr Atena, as per the ‘perspective’ you have presented here, it should remain ‘your perspective’; and nothing more.
    I will make this general statement, as a reminder of how I see the coming election.
    The closest thing to home for Blacks (not the so-called African Americans) is the United States of America. The kind of life you get in the United States, you can’t have it elsewhere, not even in the fast-undeveloping continent of Africa – the home to the Black Race. Egypt is hardly part of the continent – preferring to be part of the Middle East; Nigeria has failed as a democracy, with the Electorates finally on the brink of obliteration; and South Africa is a confused state. The fate of your continent is about to be sealed.
    So, tell you friends, to tell their friends that the United States – in the form that Trump is keeping it is better than any promise the Democrats are making. You have mentioned that Trump is a racist and has promoted racism. You are right, only that you appear to gloss over the fact that racism started when the Emancipation Proclamation of Abraham Lincol made the Blacks a race in the United States, and it will end the day the freedom you people enjoy in the United States is taken away. You should have been a scared when the Democrats decided to bankroll the activities and protests by the so-called Black Lives Matter; assuming you care about the historical development of race in the United States, and the role of the Democratic South to keep the African Americans perpetually under and dispirited.
    You also made a swipe on Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. You, as Tupac noted, “Niggas ll hate you for whatever you do”. The only thing Trump has not done is to go to war with the Chinese over the Coronavirus, and he Mr President was sure of American support, I know we would have been talking of how to end a war with China. Trump has done his best to fight this unforeseen, unpredictable enemy. The the exception of China, every other World Power, Developed and Underdeveloped nation have also been severely hit by the pandemic. Democrats would have done far less. Trump could accused of saying so much, but you can’t accuse him of doing so little.
    On a final note, and as you count down to you election, put Nigeria’s election of 2015 in retrospect. It was the same way Goodluck Jonathan was discredited before the election, which lead to his removal, that is the same way the Democrats is making every effort to discredit President Donald Trump. My brother, what do we have in Nigeria today?
    Think wisely as the election draws nearer.

  2. I see your critique on Trump, he has his problems for sure, but you are missing something here. The Democratic Party is not the Democratic Party of FDR or John F. Kennedy. It has become the party of zero growth, anti-technological, Malthusian, and wants to make sure that the underdeveloped sector stays underdeveloped. Obama said so when speaking to a group of African students. He said that the things developed countries have (food and energy) will not happen in Africa, because then global warming will intensify and the water level will rise and destroy us. Global Warming is a hoax, as Trump has stated, and his refusal to bend on this is extremely important. Obama shut down most of our national space program, Trump has opened it up and wants to have a man and woman land on the Moon by 2024. Under Harris-Biden this will not happen. Also, if they carry their plan to fruition, we will end up with regular black outs and be reduced to a Malthusian hell-hole.


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