Scandalous! Nigerian author urges women to “follow the example of Merkel and May” by sacrificing motherhood for politics


A Nigerian author has urged women in his West African country to take a cue from British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel by “sacrificing motherhood” for success in politics. 

Both the British PM and the German Chancellor have been unable to bear children, not of their own volition, but because of the circumstances of life.

In a rare personal interview she granted LBC, the British PM talked about how Christianity has helped her cope with never becoming a mother.

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Mrs May was asked by host Nick Ferrari of LBC about the impact on her of not having children, and how she might have been different if she had been a mother.

She said: “Well I think it’s impossible to answer the question about how I would have been had I done. “I mean, it’s been very sad, it just turned out not to be possible for us”.

In a rare personal interview she granted LBC, the British PM talked about how Christianity has helped her cope with never becoming a mother.

But Nigerian Oseyiza Oogbodo, author of The Good Life, Short Story Galore and The Newell Murder, told Nigerian women that they should realize that you cannot be successful in politics and have kids.

The social commentator, curator and poet with his first poetry collection, Dedication To The Ugly, to be published this month, advised ambitious Nigerian female politicians to “sacrifice the joys of motherhood in order to become successful politically”.

Oogbodo, who has also written for several newspapers, including The Comet/The Nation, Nigerian Compass, National Mirror, The Point, gave his shocking advice while speaking at a Media Round Table on the Role of the Media in Combating Gender-Related Hate Speech Online through Objective and Conflict Sensitive Reporting.

The roundtable was organized by the International Press Centre (IPC) Lagos, West Africa Network for Peace building (WANEP) and Humanity Family Foundation for Peace and Development (HUFFPED).

It was funded by Peace Tech Lab and it held on August 29, 2018, in Lagos, according to a statement to Today News Africa in Washington DC.

The forum was to understand why female politicians are under-represented in politics in Nigeria.

It was also meant to encourage them with good media mentions and shield them from online hate speech which may discourage some from politics.

However, things took an unexpected ugly turn when Oogbodo began giving his bizarre advice.

According to him, the top two female politicians in the world at the moment, Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, and Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, do not have children.

He said Nigerian women who are ambitious should follow the same lifestyle, and refrain from having kids to succeed in politics.

However, there are many shining examples of very successful female politicians in Nigeria and around the world who have children, but the Nigerian writer did not mention them.

He did not also say what men should “sacrifice” to be successful in life.

Such cheap sexist talks are often spread by politicians who say women with kids and family lives cannot dedicate enough time for political offices, even though examples abound showing that women have always very well balanced job and family.


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