Across Africa today: Nigeria on trade deal, South African farmers and fake vaccine in Uganda Updated for 2021


Updated: March 6, 2021

Nigeria pulls out of continent’s free trade deal

Nigeria will not be a part of a continental trade deal which seeks to remove barriers and create free movement of goods and services across Africa. President Muhammadu Buhari it was gathered cancelled the trip to allow for wider consultations especially with labour leaders, who think the deal might lead to job losses in Nigeria.

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Analyst have reasoned that with no competitive economic structure to facilitate equal trading, global economies could latch on the treaty, to dominate the Nigerian market by contracting their productions to Africa, and dominating local markets.

SA white farmers get Australian respite

Australia’s Home Affairs has proposed fast tracking visa applications for white South African farmers who according to former Prime Minister Tony Abbot are ‘persecuted’. 10% of South Africa’s population is white, with about 75% of farmlands in their hands.

Mr. Abbot is backing the proposal going by his claims that about 400 white South African farmers have been murdered in the last one year, a claim Gareth Newman of the Institute for Security Studies in South Africa has denied due to lack of evidence.

Fake Hepatitis B vaccines under scrutiny in Uganda

Uganda’s National Drug Authority (NDA) is investigating fake Hepatitis B vaccines found in 8 hospitals across the capital Kampala, Entebbe, Mbale and Mbarara. Although Ugandan health ministry says the vaccines might be genuine but had their labels changed.

One of the hospitals where the vaccines was reportedly found Univic Medical Centre was quoted as saying; “Our services are to international standards… all medicines dispensed at our hospitals are rigorously pre-tested for authenticity and effectiveness”.

Somali clans adopt “life for a life” approach in new peace deal

Long time tensions between two rival Somali clans has forced them to adopt a new peace deal which recommends a death penalty for anyone found guilty of killing out of revenge or vendetta. A fine of $100,000 will also be paid by the family of the perpetrator.

The Sa’ad Yoonis and Ba’iido clans have been at war over resources such as grazing land for livestock or access to water. The new law as it applies seems harsh but MP Ahmed Bahir Mahmood says he hopes the new measures will work.

Zuma’s son comes to dad’s aid; says his father is being ‘witch hunted’

The son of former South African President Edward Zuma has come up in defence of his father by accusing the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) of clamping down on truthful people.

Jacob Zuma is currently facing a 16 count charge bordering on corruption, with Zuma (Jnr) accusing the judiciary of maligning his father in a campaign he claims; “isn’t going to stop any time soon”.



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