July 14, 2024

Administrator Samantha Power Urges Global Support for Grassroots Response to Sudan Crisis

Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International development Samantha Power
Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International development Samantha Power

In a Wednesday address at the United States Institute of Peace, Administrator Samantha Power from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) emphasized the critical need for support in Sudan amidst the ongoing crisis.

Administrator Power acknowledged the challenges faced by the Sudanese people and commended the efforts of individuals such as Sara Pantuliano from the Overseas Development Institute and Kholood Khair, who have dedicated decades to supporting the aspirations of freedom and democracy in Sudan.

Highlighting the severity of the situation, Administrator Power described the conflict in Sudan as a “human catastrophe,” with estimates indicating that over half of Sudan’s population, approximately 25 million people, urgently require humanitarian assistance.

She expressed concern over the actions of the Sudanese Armed Forces, the Rapid Support Forces, and supporting entities, accusing them of pushing Sudan toward state collapse. Administrator Power noted the difficulty in providing aid due to rampant insecurity, bureaucratic obstacles, and inadequate global funding.

Despite these challenges, Administrator Power praised the resilience of Sudanese civilians who, at great personal risk, have been actively responding to the crisis. She highlighted the efforts of local volunteers who have organized through social media platforms to deliver aid, provide accommodation, arrange evacuations, and address urgent health needs in their communities.

Administrator Power emphasized the decentralized and grassroots nature of these response networks, describing them as models of democratic and people-centered governance that align with the aspirations of Sudanese communities.

However, she highlighted the risks faced by these local responders, including the ongoing conflict and the lack of sufficient funding. Administrator Power called for increased support from the United States and other governments to prevent the collapse of these critical relief networks, stressing the importance of meeting urgent needs on the ground.

Administrator Power also acknowledged the challenges aid organizations face in disbursing aid at the required speed and scale, expressing a commitment to improving processes to support local organizations effectively.

In conclusion, Administrator Power urged diplomatic and peace processes to bring an end to the war, emphasizing the need for international cooperation to address barriers preventing effective humanitarian response in Sudan.

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