Africa Has Abandoned Its Youth, Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua Cries Out

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In a rousing speech, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has decried the state of Africa’s future, admonishing African countries to fight against division and focus on building a better tomorrow for its young people.

In the wake of rising tensions within several African countries, the renowned cleric addressed congregants in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 26th February 2017 in a sermon televised live on Emmanuel TV and subsequently posted to social media.

“No African country can succeed alone,” Joshua began. “Africans need each other to develop,” he continued, citing an example that West Africa needs Southern Africa for development and vice versa.

Joshua implored all Africans to contribute to the society they live in and not engage in illicit trade or unlawful activities. “Everyone has a contribution to make. Whether you are poor, rich, immigrant or refugee – you have a contribution to make.”

He added that citizens must work hand-in-hand with the police to report those who have travelled within Africa with criminal intentions.

“With regard to issues of illegal immigrants, drugs and other crimes, our duty is to work with the law enforcement agencies by giving them useful information. It is only when these agencies fail that we can lawfully protest.”

Joshua then stressed that Africans should be accommodating to citizens of the same continent, calling for unity to triumph over tribal or ethnic divisiveness. “Dear Africans, we should not let other fellow Africans feel unwelcome to our countries.”

The cleric spoke candidly on the state of Africa’s future, stating that the continent had “neglected her youths,” resulting in a situation that “looks gloomy, frustrating, hopeless and dark”.

“When I think about the future of Africa, I have sleepless nights,” he admitted. “Africa has abandoned the youths to themselves. Africa has failed to make provision for the youths, whereas tomorrow’s Africa is the youths.”

Rather than toeing the line of name-calling or blame-exchanging, the Nigerian called on Africans to take collective responsibility for their current status.

Much to the delight of the multi-national crowd, the cleric then announced his readiness to travel within Africa for gatherings organised for the purpose of addressing these issues and building a better future for African youth.

“What then is the way forward? The Lord has instructed me to make myself available and I know God, in His infinity, must have touched other Africans, so that we can come together to remedy this challenge”.

Joshua rarely travels abroad, his last trip within Africa being a reconciliatory visit to the East African nation of Tanzania to douse tensions in the wake of the 2015 elections. Tanzania’s President John Magufuli is a self-professed follower of Joshua, visiting his church in Nigeria prior to his ascension to office.

“Long live the future of Africa – the youth. Long live Africa. May God bless you,” Joshua concluded.

The message comes in the midst of renewed xenophobic attacks in South Africa and escalating tensions between Northern and Southern Cameroon.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelancer, currently residing in Lagos, Nigeria


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