Africa’s popular but controversial pastor T.B. Joshua claims he delivered two women from “homosexuality demons”

Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
Simon is an investigative journalist and publisher of TODAY NEWS AFRICA L.L.C. based in Washington, District of Columbia, U.S.A. His twitter handle is @simonateba and his email is simonateba@todaynewsafrica.com

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WASHINGTON – Prophet T.B. Joshua, one of Africa’s most popular but also controversial pastors, is in the middle of another mega storm that may please hard core Christians but enrage human rights activists and same sex lovers around the world.

In the latest explosive controversy, Joshua argues that homosexuality is a sin God hates while loving the sinner He delivers from that sin.

Whilst addressing the contentious issue on a previous occasion, the Nigerian cleric made known his stand: “God hates sin, not sinners,” he wrote on Facebook.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“We should hate the act, not the people because our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the ‘spirit beings’ that cause all these acts.”

Joshua added that if his parents were homosexuals, he would not have been born.

“The Bible is my standard. If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to.”

Followed by millions of people around the world, Joshua’s new remarks on homosexuality came after two females claimed within the same week to have been ‘delivered’ from a ‘spirit of woman’ after praying along with his television station Emmanuel TV, a Christian television station watched by millions of people every day or month.

Mthombeni Nkhensani, a 23-year-old from South Africa, claimed she was plagued by “strange dreams where I would be making love with a woman”. 

According to her, this began having physical repercussions. “I would masturbate and started to look on women ‘differently’. Last week, the urge became too much,” she recounted in a testimony shared on Joshua’s official Facebook Page. 

“Then on Friday, I slept off whilst watching Emmanuel TV. I had a dream where Prophet T.B. Joshua gave me a prophecy. He said he was seeing me twice! He then prayed for me in the dream,” she revealed, adding that this encounter was followed by a notable change. 

“Ever since then, the urge is no more,” she explained. “I have not had any dream of sleeping with my fellow women! Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Similarly, Patricia Mensah also claimed she equally received ‘deliverance’ via Joshua’s popular network. 

Just a week after my wedding, I had a dream one night and saw a woman came and sleep with me. Since that incident, I had always seen myself having sexual intercourse with a woman in my dream,” the Ghanaian vividly explained.

This had negative consequences on her education, eventually leading her to drop out early from her academic pursuits. 

“I went to the class and there was this lady that I was having a strong desire to have intercourse with. I could not stop looking at her butt and admiring her. At the same time, I felt embarrassed,” she revealed, adding she would retreat into a private place and ask for ‘God’s help’. 

According to Mensah’s testimony, her ‘freedom’ also came by praying along with Joshua.  “One night I was sleeping with Emmanuel TV on when Prophet T.B. Joshua was conducting mass prayer. Suddenly I was hearing in my dream: ‘Be delivered, in the name of Jesus!’ ”

Patricia revealed she then saw Joshua pray for her in her dream. “He touched my forehead and I fell down. A week after that, I saw him in my dream a second time and he prayed for me again. This time, I vomited all kinds of substances in my dream,” she explained. 

That signalled the change she sought. “Since that incident, I have never seen any woman, man or strange thing try to have sexual intercourse with me again in my dream! I feel so light,” she testified on Emmanuel TV’s testimony online portal.

Homosexuality remains a contentious issue amongst Christians. While many progressive churches in the United States have started accepting same sex relationships as an expression of true love, many other churches in the U.S. and around the world have continued to admonish members against loving someone of the same sex.

In Africa, and especially in Nigeria, where Joshua resides, the majority of the population remains against same sex love and a 14-year jail term awaits those who express love that way following the passage of a controversial law in 2014.

Joshua’s latest outburst, although shocking in the West, would be considered normal in many countries in Africa where religion rather than science still controls the narrative on same sex love, especially on whether people are born that way or are influenced by satan and the West.


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