Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali address the media briefing at the conclusion of the Official Visit by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia at the Union Buildings in Tshwane. January 12
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali address the media briefing at the conclusion of the Official Visit by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia at the Union Buildings in Tshwane. January 12

Amnesty International calls on Nobel Prize winning Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed to account for all missing persons following Hachalu Hundesa’s killing


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  1. Dagmawi Iyasu says:

    Come-on TNA! You can definitely be better than this; at a minimum, please have the courage to be honest with the context of the story. A media house that spins murder into a political weapon to unleash ethnic violence is anything but acceptable. Last I checked, a media house and individuals involved in the violence are not above the law. Are they being arrested? Yes! Are they being brought to court? Yes! Is the system smooth and by the book? Not likely? Is it still necessary to hold the media accountable for their decision and content when their actively push for violence? Yes! Finally, it’s unfortunate that the media considers itself untouchable; the media is only indispensable. Thus, it’s responsible for it’s choices even more. In addition, individuals that chose to act on their emotions and impulses also need to be accountable to their decision. The violence resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives that nothing to do with the murder of the singer. Even if they did, mob justice is unacceptable. They need to be brought to justice. Unfortunately, your article seems to care very little about justice. I hope to see step up to the task.

  2. Ahmed Abdulhay says:

    Abiy is a killer.

  3. Mubarek kelil says:

    Abiy is killer

  4. Mubarek kelil says:

    Abiy is a killer

  5. Meseret G says:

    Abiy Ahmed’s military is actively searching for young oromo men and detaining them in schools when the prison is already full.Most of them are being exposed to COVID-19.Many have shot and dead for peacefully protesting the killing of Hacaalu and the premeditated arrest of the opposition party members and OMN journalists! This is a war waged on Our nation, Oromo.We need the help of international community! It’s an open genocide on this nation.We are in a complete shock.My people need help.

  6. Abdi says:

    Abyi is killer

  7. michael shiferawu says:

    Abiy Ahmed clearly declared war on Oromo nation. #AbiyMustGo!

  8. Daniel says:

    Abiy Ahmed is a killer

  9. Adugnaw says:

    Are You the paied social media activist ?
    It is shamuflly to ask the crimer to be free.
    Why you not mentioned the genocide crime which is happened in Ethiopia which is call by journalist and poltician.

    Please, do not bark against Ethiopia.
    The PM of Ethiopia still the savers of Ethiopia.

  10. Amana Kedir says:

    Abiy Ahmed government currently killing, torturing, and prisoned thousands of Oromo in Ethiopia. The unqualified police and military deployed in Oromia region raping women, young girls and killing innocent civilians on the spot without any evidence. The world must stop this madness before the Horn of Africa turned in to chaos.

  11. Kemer Amin says:

    Abiy is killer

  12. Damtew Feyissa says:

    ABIY AHMED is a killer, neftegna must go?

  13. nura hadji says:

    Abiyi Ahmad is a dictator.He must resign immediately. Otherwise Ethiopia with Abiyi is on the way of disintegrations.

  14. Chewa Chewa says:

    Iskender Nega is a killer!!
    He should have to recieve his job.

  15. Gada Oromia says:

    It is an inherent right of the people to protest against the government for its action and omission. The Abiy regime instead of protecting the safety of peaceful protester and citizen indiscriminately kills and physical attacks the protesters by deploying the military force and commandos. If the government met peaceful protesters with violence and use of excessive lethal force loss of life and damage to property is inevitable. So you can not say mob when people are demanding justice, opposing egregious violation of Human Rights and protesting against the regime for mismanaging the country. What kind of government deploys the entire defense force in the region to attack any demonstration and any gathering of three or four people? This is clear authoritarian and military junta regime. #AbiyMustAgo!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Gada says:


    You are just telling Us the Governments propaganda to justiy State violence To stay on power indefinitely by killing and blaming the opposition and independent media.

    Why any of you can’t show us the clips of the footages that indicate the media you blame did air the news that agitated the ethnic violence? We the people on the ground know that all the killings and the subsequent violence was orchestrated by people on power and their subordinate.


  17. Tesfay Haile says:

    Abyi is a Killer and dictator. He must go before the country goes to civil war.

  18. Helen says:

    Abiy is working with Essays aforki Eritrea Diktatur leader hardy to destroy Ethiopia ?? This both groups are killer

  19. Helen says:

    Abiy made big drama befor he kill you he invited you dinner in 4kilo palace he take a picture with then one month later he kill you And he come out on media and says he was my best friend Rest In Peace! that is what he did we knew he’s all dramas

  20. Gutu Rarie says:

    dictator abiy ahmed is not only dictator he is beast drinking blood of thousands of oromos youth,women and children this man is making genocide on oromo people
    he call him self oromo but marginalize them in polotics,torture them in prison, kill them on street and made them voiceless
    the world should hear our voice

  21. Yared says:

    Comment: Why You Think By Nation .He Works For Our Development.When We Blame Each other,We Give An Advantage For The Foreign Foe

  22. Ebbisa says:

    Abiy is killer.
    justice for Oromoo

  23. Hello says:

    Abiy doesn’t came for change he came for revenge abiy must go abiy is a killer he kill Tigryns People he expounded the election becomes he knows All Ethiopians rejects him Abiy must go free Ethiopia abiy is a killer

  24. daniel says:

    Comment: dr abye ahmed is headache of terrorist and genocide killers that why you said him dictator

  25. Tsion says:

    Abiy is a killer abiy declared war on Tigray behind dictator essays aforki he want sawa to destroy Ethiopia

  26. Filmon says:

    Abiy is Ethiopia COVID-19 He spreading he’s virus in Ethiopia abiy must go Dow down abiy killer

  27. Abdi says:

    Abiy ahmad he is a killer
    Abiy for Ethiopia like Covid 19
    Three weeks internet shutdown more people died and injured and more than 10000 arrested all politicians party in prison

  28. Abay says:

    Africa needs good leaders like
    Ethiopian prime minster #Abiy
    He fillb4.9 billion mere cubic water
    Those who ? Didn’t does that in Africa
    Generally he is African pride

  29. Mercy says:

    All commenters who described PM Abiy as a killer and dictator are tribal extremists who strongly oppose the unity of the country and its people and prosperity. Their only desire and wish is to dismantle the country into several pieces and to create their own little tribal states which could be true only in their nightmares. Following the killing of Hachalu these extremists killed hundreds of people with full of hatered and cruelty as a method of genetic cleansing parts of the Oromiya region. They literally converted Shashemene and nearby towns into Aleppo of Syria and dont be amazed by the prisoning of thousands as thousnds are participated in the destruction of those towns within just 12 hours and without using heavy artilleries. They are just defaming Abiy cause he is not agree with their evil plan to destroy the country and create the monoploly of their tribe over other tribes of the country. They hate him because he is working for the unity and development of the whole country as a united nation and not as little fragments.

  30. Abdi chefa@ says:

    Abiy Ahmed is killer oromo people.
    He is a dictator. He must resign immediately.
    #FreeAllpolotical prisoners

    Abiymustgo he is a torturing &killing.

  31. Sartu says:

    Abiyi is a killer. Thousands of oromo killed and arrested. Military deployed in oromia regions rape children and women. There is no institution in Ethiopia. World human right need to pay attention to this chaos’s day take into consideration. #abiyi must go,# abiyi must go

  32. Mercy says:

    By the way where was Amnesty international when 86 people were murdered in Oromiya region with disgusting cruelty by a group of young gangsters following a message posted on facebook by Jawar Mohammed about 6 months ago? Again Why do they keep silent about the killings and destruction of individual properties which occurs immediately following the death of Hachalu? If they truely cares about humanity, then why dont they say something about thousands which are fleeing their homes and currently hiding in various churches living in a devastated state even not having access to clean food and water? I really feel sorry for them.

  33. Samil says:

    Abiyi Ahmed is not Doctor but a killer
    The Doctor saves it’s life, but a killer murders it’s people

  34. Bety says:

    Abiye Ahmed is a dicatator from day one . The noble prize committee has to revocked His noble prize he get the prize prematurely He can’t lead Ethiopia and he use fake propaganda for those who leave in the city Addis Ababa Thousands of people are being dying and arrest almost 2 years

  35. Anna says:

    …We all know the hate preacher terrorist Jawar Mohammed who account for the dearh of Hachalu as well as deaths of many Christian Ethiopians and burning over 130 historical churches!

  36. Alemu says:

    Abiy ahimed is a killer

  37. Siraj says:

    The profile of Abiy
    1 covid
    2 toxic
    3 silent killer

  38. Dan says:

    Abiy please please 1000000×
    Dont stop to capture killers , you are not a killer and almost all ethiopians understand you

  39. abrish says:

    first of all where was amnstey when our people being slaughtered by extrimists and when did they get the courage to say abye is a dictator when the leaders before him were pure evil dictators like the tplf thug dictators and derg, i dont like abye but i can say confidently he is not a dictator those who say he is a killer of oromo people in the comment area are extrimists mostly found in the tigray and oromo region and what the number shows since abye came to power is that many amharans and gurage being slaughtered in there region by this extrimists and have the audacity to say he is a killer of oromo people bitch please just because you are retard you expect others to be dumb as you

  40. Dr.Muhammed says:

    Abiy is
    A lier
    A psychotic
    A killer
    Is playing with blood of thousands of oromo qeerroo/qarree
    Abiy Must Go

  41. Neya says:

    Abiy Ahmed must resign. First of all no body elected him to be PM . Two years ago when people brought this change, he is chosen by ruling party as a transitional leader. But as most of African dictators he using this opportunity to rule for decades to come . He arrested opposition leaders , so many journalists, women and children. Killed so many people .What is the crime of journalists ? Reporting the pain and suffering of the people? We are living in 21 century. The world will not going back to a system of apartheid. We just can’t ! He is not fit to rule the country. Specially a country like Ethiopia that has more than 80 ethnic group. His vision is to abolish multiple federalism where people have the basic right to learn and speak with their language and establish unity system that forces people to learn one language. How that possible with 83 ethnic group ? How is trying to rule the country when more than 50% of the people don’t support him. Very puzzling!

  42. Samson Seboka says:

    Abiy Ahmad is a killer. He is an absolute dictator that’s leading the country into irreversible damage. His gov is keeping prominent politicians in custody for political reason. In retrospect, we believe that Hachalu’s killing is also a premeditated assassination to carry out the subsequent unlawful arrest and killings.

  43. Muhammed says:

    pm Abiyi is the best prime minsterin Ethiopia until today never hate Abiyi

  44. Teha Wodejo says:

    Abiy ahmed means no think no thing abiy ahmed dirty present minds of absent
    Ethiopia no Democrats no Freedom
    No justice no species
    Abiy must go
    Abiy must go
    Abiy must go
    Abiy must go
    Abiy must go

  45. Hidiyat adina says:

    Nobody expects any good from Abiy who is a complete liar and whose role model is a half century dictator Esayas Afewerki,an Eritrean president,he should be removed soon by hook or by crook !!!

  46. Sof says:

    It is annoying to see so many people crying wolf. What happened to justice for all what about the hundreds of people murdered and thousands devastated by the so called qeros in oromiya. I dont support abiy bc he is too weak and conspires with the exeterimists. God judge all of you who spite your racist intentions to drink the blood of the innocent.

  47. Najib Aliyi says:

    Abiy is dictator of 21th century! ! ! Abiy must go! justice for Oromo! !!

  48. Dano says:

    Abyi is the killer abiy must resign
    Abyi must go!

  49. Tesfu fufa says:

    fuck u upside down Amnesty

  50. Gemedi says:

    Abiye is lair
    Abiye is killer
    Abiye is not believing democracy
    Abiye mast go

  51. Ebrahim Tofik says:

    Amnesty international declared true story on ethiopia todays free jawar,bekela and all prisons in ethiopia. Just is winner

  52. Habteab Gabriel says:

    Amnesty international works for the highest bidder. They get contributions to survive at the same time they get bribed to write negative stories. They have done it in the past they still do it. Dr. Abiy is a transparent leader the problem is ethnic division that was planted by TPLF during their thirty year terror in Ethiopia. Amnesty has always been biased in its reporting. It works for special interest groups and intelligence agencies to disrupt Africa from progressing. It is stationed in Nairobi for the purpose of destroying good governments in Africa. They get orders from the west, it’s not new to see negative reports about African countries.


    Abiy must go

  54. Ansa H says:

    Abiy Ahmed is a killer. More than 100 people were killed in a single day in Sidama for demanding to become a regional state. Hundreds of Oromos are killed, more than ten thousand people have been arrested and many are kidnapped while peacefully protesting the death of a prominent Promo singer Hachalu Hundesa. All the political leaders both from Oromo and Amhara are arrested. When innocent Kimant and Agew people have been killed on their own land by extremists Amharas, Abiy didn’t do anything instead kept arresting those who were reporting this issue. The government itself is trying to start war on Tigray people. This’s Abiy Ahmed who would do anything to stay on his power.


    Guy’s .ABIYI AHMED ALII is Smart and big Dictatorships in African leaders because he killed Oromon people within 3weeks More than 100’s and Arrested more than Hundreds 1000’s Followed shoot Oromon famous singer Haccallu Hundessa In the Capital City FINFINNEE PLEASE LET WE HELP OROMON PEOPLE For their justice

  56. Oro says:

    I read most of the comments, and i guess u guys dont even know Ethiopia, u dont know nothing just willing somebody to go, to free, bla bla…dont even know what justice mean
    For sure, how many ppls are hurt by police forces, how many ppls get hurt by other ppls… those who were arrested, what did they were doing, building the dam??, or making peace?or making justice on their own,??, killing others?? Burning buildings??, or protesting hachalu’s death peacefully??…u dont even know nothing
    Who was there???, who saw what they were doing???
    U dont even know what the dictator mean…


    Really thanks. Justice for Hachalu! Free All political prisoners!

  58. Suleymanahmad says:

    Abiy must go

  59. Yesreba jeylan says:

    Abiyi isi killer

  60. Najaash Mohammed says:

    Abiy ahmed =A killer oromo people
    Abiyi must go
    Abiyi No Nobel prizes

  61. Beshada says:

    Abiy is dictator government who kill thousands civilians and arrested many politicians those have opposed his internationals community like Amnesty,United nations have to take action to stop human rights violations in Ethiopia.

  62. Abrhaley says:

    Abiy is dictator,a killer, & a lair!!!

  63. Abdul mega says:

    Dr Abiy should be killed the way he wiped oromo people,,@United nations and Human Right to act on him like previous dictator of Ethiopia.
    How i wish i meet him live,,I would chop him like cabbage prepared for cooking?

  64. Markos Aweke says:

    Amenesty International is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that advocates genoside in Ethiopia.

    Dr. Abiy deserves another Nobel Prize for saving our nation from Ethnic cleansing.

    Now our leader secured Law and Order, there is no room for power grab, available for those moron powermongers and their dump vilage-centered supporters.

  65. Gutema Abdela says:

    Justice for Hacalu Hunessa
    Free Jawar Mohammed
    Free Bekele Gerbe
    free Oromiya
    Abiy Ahmad kille
    Abiy Ahmad Must Go

  66. Jiraataa Margoo says:

    He is not alone to kill people there is neo neftegn those push him make unitary king

  67. Gutema Abdela says:

    Justice for Hacalu Hundeesaa
    Free Jawar Mohammed
    Free Bekele Gerbe
    Free Oromiya
    Abiy killer Abiy MustGo

  68. Kedir Yusuf says:

    Abiy Ahmed is Silent killer & best liar
    Abiy Must go!!!!

  69. Kedir Yusuf says:

    2019 Nobel Peace Prize Winner
    Abiy Ahmed Is Silent Killer And smart Liar PM.

  70. Kedir Yusuf says:

    Free Jawar Mohammed And all Polotical prisoners.

  71. Qeerroo oromoo says:

    Mr. Abiy Ahmed is Killer #AbiyMustGo

  72. Mohammed Abdela says:

    Please Amnesty international help Oromo people’s they’re dying on their own natural resources, because of demand democracy in Ethiopia.
    Our mothers are raped day to day by Abiy police.
    All Oromo ploticals are on prison.

  73. Kiya Oro says:

    FREE Jawar Mohammed free Baqala Garbaa free Hamza Booran all Oromia
    Abiy is the killer Abiy must go
    Nobel peace prize shame on you

  74. Mickey says:

    Abiy is being reported as Eritrean.

    Ahmed Ali is his step father from Jima Ethiopia. His biological father is Abreha Desta an Eritrean bus driver…He was eager to see his country Eritrea at any Ethiopian cost. He did it.
    He is closely working with dictator Esayas Afeworki.

  75. Abadi says:

    Abyi is a killer. He must down. he is ac dictator we Ethiopians can not get peace in the recent two years but he covers his bad acting by the governmental medias lkie etv,ebc walta, fana and oher regional medias. Only DW TV, Tigray TV and OMNCmedia are exposed his acting and as all the country’s movement. By this case those three medias were blocked their lines or frequencies. So Abyi can not lead to Ethiopia people, the people were start to exercise democracy before the recent two years for 27 years but now we Ethiopians are hacked the line that we test it before. We need justice

  76. yobsenjimma Yobsen says:

    The world should have to know the dictator Abiy Ahmed killing and arresting innocent Oromos daily… Abiy Must Go… Norwegian Nobel Committe Made A Huge Mistake to give him a Nobel Peace Prize… He is a dictator…a killer… and a lier… ABIY MUST GO!!

  77. Kal says:

    Jawar is ISIS. He is the founder of Ethiopian ISIS

  78. Shagar says:

    Thare is no justice in ethopia pm abiy ahmad has busy shuting media arestin journalestice killing inocent ppl aresting opposation parties

  79. Ahmad says:

    Free jawar mohamad and oll political parties in ethopia

  80. Rebuma Sorsa says:

    Abiy Ahmed is a killer and terrorist that have been ever happened in Ethiopia. Particularly his assassination focus on majority group in the country ‘Promo people’

    He is not a prize winner but killer

  81. Elias Hussein says:

    Abiy ahmed is totally dictator. His killing over 500 peoples. Abiy to International court

  82. Wako says:

    Today News Africa reports about Africa that it does not know. You scribble from your desks in Washington or whatever, pocketing the blood money TPLF is injecting to you. Shame on you. Disgrace to journalism.
    You won’t be able to bring Ethiopia down. Millions support Abiy and the world knows. The food stamp crunching hate mongering diaspora does not represent Ethiopia. Ethiopians are better than that.

  83. Indalu says:

    Killing and arresting continue by the dictator noble prize winner Ethiopia pm Abiy Hamed. #Free all political prisoners
    # stop killing Oromo
    #stop arresting Oromo
    #stop rapping women
    # Abiy must go

  84. Daniel says:

    Abiy Ahmed wants to build Ethiopi based on his own ambition and philosophy rather than people’s interest. He is going to build unitary Ethiopia which violets rights of nations and nationalities. His benchmark is the late king Minilik, who cut off breasts of women and hands of men, generally killed about 5M Oromos. So, Abiy must be removed without any precondition.

  85. Abraham says:

    First of all I would like to thank Amnesty International for exposing the true face of Abiy Ahmed ,the PM that lied to and deceived the World in general and the Norwegian Peace Noble Prize Committee in particular. Abiy Ahmed has also lied to his own people who helped him come to the fore to lead them. He let them down. He betrayed them. He failed to deliver his promise. He has ended up becoming ruthless dictator. He has unleashed war on the very people and individuals that helped him clinch the leadership position. In what has appeared to be uttetly opposed to the original demands of his people and to the promises he made, he has embarked on restoring “neftegna system”—– the system that Oromos and other marginalized ethnic groups fought against virtually for the last 150 years. The system that espouses the superiority of a single culture, language and unitary government which as such favors a single ethnic group in the country. Currently, individuals and groups who are pro Abiy government are solely those who believe in “neftegna system” because Abiy’s government has restored the system they had been longing for. A few commentators who have denounced Amnesty International on this article, for instance, are pro Abiy and pro “neftegna system”.

  86. Sadem Muhammed says:

    ethiopian politics determine who has the power not who has the truth!
    #free all politician prisonres!


    ‘The authorities in Ethiopia must immediately reveal the whereabouts…’ These are the words what exactly Amnesty used on its statement. The way you mentioned this genuine peace-loving Prime Minster reveales who you are. that’s it.

  88. Martha says:

    Guys keep on crying…..!!! Let alone Ethiopia even Africa has not seen such a brilliant leader except for Mandela who continuously teaches about peace and love. We Ethiopians love and adore His excellency World loret Dr Abiy Ahmed period. You can keep on crying with Egypt, but God has always kept us safe!!!

  89. Leensaa Getachew says:

    Abiy is dictator and he killed Hacaalu Hundessa the one Oromo popular singer Abiy Ahmed No to deserved a Nobel peace Prize,

  90. Dagim says:

    Our PM Dr Abyi, please don’t leave us alone, we need u and proud of u to save all the world not only Ethiopia! The wrong peoples always hates the right way! Don’t stop thinking good and leading the right way!

  91. Ayman says:

    Dr abiye ahmed terrorism governmet he killed youngst or kerroo and aresting in jell and schools to use like jell

  92. Firaol says:

    This is so far from the truth Dr Abiy is an ambitious and energetic leader that our Generation deserve …. u better report based on the truth on the land of ethiopia … u better listen from both sides …. ETHIOPIA HAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER SEE such an outstanding leader.

  93. kidu says:

    Comment:D/R Abiy Ahimed he isn’t killer

  94. kidist says:

    D/R Abiy Ahimed he isn’t killer

  95. kid says:

    Comment:D/R Abiy Ahimed isn’t killer

  96. kid says:

    Comment: fake story

  97. my name says:

    dr. Abiy deserve another noble prize

  98. Tariku says:

    Am so sory amnesty international, you’re not doing things in professional,….

  99. oromoo says:

    PM Dr.Abiy work for ethiopian unity & prosperity, Africa unity and peace. he isn’t killer and dictator. he deserve another noble prize.

  100. challa says:

    shame on you Amnesty international!

  101. mine says:

    This report is extermly false report
    even amnesty int.beside of eastern and horn african branch was not respect their jobs

  102. Berhanu says:

    Dr Abiy goverment was a killer of Oromo

  103. jemilla says:

    Respect for PM dr. Abiy Ahimed

  104. Ahelam Mohammed says:

    This story is fake! PM Abiy Ahmed is a great leader. He has been doing an amazing so he actually deserves to get another one!

  105. Ahelam Mohammed says:

    Don’t fall for these fake stories !
    qerros/majority of the oromos are terrorists. They killed Hachalu and they want to blame the PM for it. The qerro people wanted the PM to put oromos above the other ethnic groups and unfortunately he is not letting that happen, he wants everyone to be equal WHAT A GREAT LEADER we are so proud of Abiy Ahmed. He is the best thing happened to Ethiopia.

  106. Teklehaimanot says:

    Comment:Abyi Ahmed is a killer ,he is criminal ,

  107. me says:

    please rise your hand from PM dr.Abiy.

  108. Game says:

    Really He is modern african dictator from ethiopia I would like to name him Crime Minister

  109. Jogir Abasena says:

    Facts speaking from the ground.Some people really doesn’t know what the word Qeerroo really mean.How comes a person who demanding justice and unarmed with peaceful demonstration said to be a terrorist?Because of demanding justice,equality,democracy and fair treatment?Fact finders knows where the fact out cry louder than we tweets,or comment in here.Qeeroo is struggling againist stiffling muscle and dectotorship that hindering true democracy and people’s empowerment for self determination.Qeeroo shedded their blood to bring change in Ethiopia and bring equality for all and lasting peace.So how these group of society considered a terrorist?I will leave this to the fact finders to reavil the unmasked truth.

  110. Sultan Kemal says:

    Abiy is the killer,lair,dictator.
    Nobel price not deserve for him.Abiy must go

  111. RAG says:

    mr abiy ahmed is cannibal, he drinks and eats human blood and flesh, he is the murderer, the killer, the dictator of all time in Africa! He is initiated and supported by the previous cannibals of ahmara people and by his cabinets everywhere in ethiopia who are brainwashed and with a fucken mind. Fuck him and fuck all his followers

  112. Feyisa Lemessa says:

    I never see such a stupid PM of Ethiopia specially during this 21st century. On one hand he is Nobel peace laurate on the other hand He call himself as at least PhD degree holder. However it’s not really correct! he is modern murderer, killer torture, genocide actor, atrocities , human right violence, burnt society, kidnapping, mass unresting and terror of this world.

  113. Nao says:

    To Mercy and your mahibertenyoch: Abiy is killer, we’re living it day to day. Everywhere in Ethiopia spatially in the widest and most populated region where the capital resides, extrajudicial killing, human right violation is everywhere, including schools and university campuses are mass concentration centers infecting by the pandemic! The meaning of Ethiopia and national unity are abused to for a unitary empire in a multinational and diverse country which is only a day dream!

  114. Misbah Abdusemed says:

    He is a killer Monster crack head

  115. Tayla says:

    This post presents clear idea in support of the new people of blogging, that in fact how to do blogging.

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