Amnesty International to Ethiopia: Stop the use of deadly force on protesters

Amnesty International on Friday called on Ethiopian security forces “to stop the use of deadly force on protesters.”

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“There is never justification for the use of lethal force when it is not to protect lives,” Amnesty International’s Director for East and Southern Africa, Deprose Muchena, wrote in a statement received by TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington DC.

Amnesty International was reacting to the killing of at least 16 people following protests over the arrest of zonal officials, community leaders and activists by Ethiopian security officers in the Wolaita Zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Regional State (SNNPR) since August 9, 2020.

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“This unnecessary force has claimed so many lives in recent days, including protesters and bystanders. Among the 16 people who have been killed are a boy who was homeless and a woman with a mental disability, neither of whom were participating in the protests. No one should be killed for exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly or for being around a protest.

“The authorities must urgently stop the use of lethal force in the context of protests and thoroughly, effectively and impartially investigate these killings. All those found responsible must be brought to justice in fair trials. Victims and their families must also have access to adequate reparations,” Muchena added.

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People took to the streets on August 9 after Ethiopia’s Defence Forces arrested more than 20 officials of the Wolaita Zone, as well as community leaders and activists, allegedly for holding a meeting in contravention of COVID-19 measures.

According to multiple witnesses interviewed by Amnesty International, security forces beat up and shot at protesters and bystanders while trying to disperse the protest.

Amnesty International said a homeless boy was killed in Wolaita-Soddo city on August 9 as the security forces violently cleared people off the streets following the arrests. Seven more people were killed in Bodditi on August 10, including a 14-year old boy, footballer Getahun Ashenafi and a woman with a mental disability.

According to government sources, at least 16 people have been killed to date as protests continue.

Two witnesses told Amnesty International that a woman was killed by security forces on 12 August while on her way to shop for groceries. Tension remains high due to the heavy deployment of security officers from the police forces, the SNNPR special Liyu police, and the Ethiopian Defence Forces.

Medical sources told Amnesty International that 18 injured people have been admitted to Soddo Christian Hospital in Wolaita, some of them to the Intensive Care Unit.


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  1. Abiy is Killer He must resign immediately and free all Oromo political as Oromo we deserve justice and peace.
    This murder and killing inconsistent people with no reason. This been going on for decades it’s enough is enough. Oromia we need justice and peace

  2. Abiy Ahmed is killers Oromo Ethiopian people we need Justice
    #OromoProtests #PeacefulProtests #AbiyMustGo #FreejawarMohammed

  3. Abiy Ahmed is more than just a Killer, he is an Ethnic Mass Extermination by organizing CRIMES. Generally, He is not a Prime Minister, rather he is a Mafia and Murderer. I don’t have words to Express his EVIL Actions.

  4. Abiyi must go. Abiyi promised to bring the country together, he promised to make better country. He promised to free the election 🗳, he promised no more fightings in Ethiopia, he promised to grow the economic In Ethiopia. Please free All political Prisoners
    Abiyi Ahmed is dictator
    Abiyi Ahmed killing innocent people
    Abiyi Ahmed killed Hachalu Hundessa
    Abiyi Ahmed promised to bring democracy

  5. It is obvious as Our PM is dictator.
    How the Killer gives freedom,justice,equality….?
    #Free Jawar Mohammed.
    #Free all Oromo Polotical prisoners.

  6. One thing the world doesn’t know about Abiy Ahmed is a big a liar. The leaders of the people they are in jail when they can be the solution of that country. And if we don’t break our silence not only thousands millions going to die in Ethiopia.

  7. Abiy Ahmed in his own words described how his mother when he was 7 years old told him that he will be the 7th King of Ethiopia. He continued saying since that time every thing he worked for is to make that a reality. This is not my words, it is his. He said this in front of public. It’s on video. For those who don’t understand the language, it can be translated.
    For him to become a king thousands should be killed? Millions to should get injured, displaced, and imprisoned?
    If the international community doesn’t support us, we the Oromo ppl along with others in the country can put him down. At least STOP giving him rifles, ammunition and other resources to kill us

  8. Oromia is bleeding!
    Agaw is bleeding!
    Kemant is bleeding!
    walaita is bleeding!
    Ethiopian nations and nationalities are bleeding
    Ethiopia is bleeding!
    Abiy is the killer!
    Abiy must go!

  9. abiy ahmed is a killer he is not the leader
    he beliveas on force
    he must go
    free our leader jawar muhammad
    and other plotical prisoners

  10. #Abiy is not a minster Abiy is the monster
    #free jawar mohamed
    #free BEKELE gerba
    #free hamza borana
    #free all political prisoners
    #Abiy must go

  11. Abiy Ahmed is the killer. He wants to extend the time of his power by killing and arresting innocent peoples. A lot of people died and arrested in most states. In Oromia thousands of people including Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba arrested and killed while protesting for their freedom.
    Abiy must go!
    Abiy can’t lead the country

  12. Abiy Ahmed is a killer, he is busy of dismantling multinational federalism to restore back the already burried Authoritarian system. he is crashing every credible voices and opponents like Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba and hundreds of thousand youths in Oromia by throwing them in jails.

  13. Abiy is the Killer!
    Abiy is the Dictator!

    Stop! Killing People!
    Stop! Prisoning innocents!

  14. Abiy Ahmed is dragging Ethiopia toward war. He works with old Serfdom sympathizers who wona take the country to the system that was there 50 years ago. The last 3 decades power of centeral government has been decentralized and people were administering and runing their own affairs by themselves. But the prime Minister wants to destroy federalism and to restore unitary system which can lead wars and after wars. We ask international community to intervene to call the government to held dialogue with all opposition leaders.

  15. Abiy Ahimed is a killer, noble peace prize never deserves for him. He is a layer and dangerous to the country. When he received Noble peace prize he promised to bring more peace to his country and the world but he became dictator and killer he also said borne from Oromo father and ahmara mother, but now he said borne from both Oromo parents to make more easy for him to kill Oromo. He can’t lead the country and make a peace. He only knows how to post his lying video and photos to the world. Very dangerous leadership in 21st Center and dictator arresting more than 10,000 citizens. Free all Oromo and other Ethiopian in person.Abiymustgo.

  16. Abiye Ahmed is a killer. shame on noble prize committee He can not lead all Ethiopia he is a silent killer and dictator immature leader .He killed more than 2000 Oromo from day When he elected so many political prisoners arrested and tortured And no justice he still think 1930 we are in 2ocentury

  17. ABIY AHMED is a killer. There is saying “a snake under a grass” that no one can identify until it beats some body. This bad leader is acting like this snake. As I think, this leader is not of this century. HE HAS TO GO BACK AT LEAST 3 DECADES TO BE A DICTATOR. THIS CENTURY IS NOT FOR THE DICTATORS .

  18. Abiy Ahmed is engaging him self busy dismantling the Oromo political organisations, politically motivated imprisonments of Jawar Mohammed, Bakele Gerba, Abdi Ragasa, Hamza Borana & others, politicians, journalist, activists and Oromo Qeerroo.

    Abiy doesn’t believe in federalism instead he dreams Ethiopia with one language, one religion, and one party.
    Abiy doesn’t believe in national consensus, he believes in force and assimilation. Abiy seeks any excuse not to held elections on time.
    After September he will not have a mandate to stay in office.
    He is using all the effort to bering back only one side superiors.

    So,We as Oromo will never rest until we achieve our ultimate goal that freedom to control full regional autonomy.
    1. Free Jawar Mohammed and all political prisoners
    2. Withdraw Eritrean solders from Oromia
    3. Stop Amhara regional government with Oromia internal affairs
    No justice no peace in Ethiopia.

  19. ethiopia prime minster is slow .Smile killer nobel price not necessary After he came to power he kill more than 2000 Oromo younger men and women he burn a lot of house and religion places he make complicated between tow majority Tribes he changed the election time by the name of coved 19 .A lot of political analysts the political party leaders and the activists end a supporter he put in jail and more than 20,000 oromo people in jail this guy he do A lot of things to stay on power heis dictator colonel Abiyi must to go

  20. Comment: The Ethiopian prime minster Abiy Ahmed Ali is the killer, Pease Nobel is not nesessary for him
    Abiy Ahmed is the dictator
    Abiy must go!

  21. Abiyi, PM of ETHIOPIA never deserve Nobel peace prize. He is a modern of 21st dictator and murderer, stupid PM in history of prime ministers. Therefore, I strongly recommend the international community must impose a sanction on to him and He must appeal to ICC for the Genocide He committed in his administration specially on Oromo Community. I thank you also Africa News for your nice cover though it may not cover the entire atrocities in the country. It needs neutral investigations to reveal the atrocities in Ethiopia to the world. HRW and Amnesty international do have a lion share to conduct their study well.

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