Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Atiku extols sacrifices of military personnel

Atiku Abubakar, former Nigerian Vice President, paid tribute to fallen soldiers on Wednesday with a statement.

Read full statement as sent to TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington DC

Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, pays tribute to members of Nigeria’s armed forces for what he calls their invaluable, incalculable and immeasurable sacrifices in the defence of the country’s territorial integrity.

In his goodwill message to mark the Armed Forces Remembrance Day on January 15, Atiku reminds of the contributions of these patriotic and amazing military personnel who have put their own lives on the line for the sake of others.

“While we sleep in our homes, these amazing patriots are in the field fighting to protect us, leaving the comfort of their own families for our sake.

“People who expose themselves to these daily risks to their own lives in order to protect others deserve our highest esteem, and I am sure no reward is enough for their patriotic services”.

The scourges of terrorism and armed banditry have put a greater burden of responsibility on the shoulders of these men and women in military uniform.

Despite these additional challenges of internal security, members of our armed forces are still carrying out their duties with vigour, zeal and commitment.

The members of our armed forces should remain united at all times because millions of Nigerians perceive them as role models of unity and national integrity. The Boko Haram terrorists have tried to divide members of our armed forces, but they have stood united against these cold hearted killers.

Nigerians should continue to pray for these great patriots who have sacrificed their own comforts for our sake because we cannot adequately pay them back for their professional and patriotic services to the country.

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