July 14, 2024

At New Hampshire Rally, Trump Boldly Answers Questions Without Cheat Sheet, Blasts Biden And Promises to Thwart WWIII and Battle Cartels

Trump campaigns in New Hampshire on Thursday, April 27, 2023
Trump campaigns in New Hampshire on Thursday, April 27, 2023

Former President Donald J. Trump engaged with supporters at a New Hampshire campaign rally on Thursday, vowing to avert World War III and tackle drug cartels head-on.

Trump criticized the Biden administration, accusing them of not knowing how to pursue peace and provoking conflicts. He highlighted his own rapport with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, emphasizing the importance of building relationships with adversarial leaders to maintain global peace.

The former president discussed border security, reiterating his commitment to fortifying it. He expressed concern over the influx of criminals, gang members, and mentally ill individuals from other countries, arguing that the US has become a “dumping ground.”

Trump pledged to utilize “all necessary state, local, federal, and military resources” to execute the largest domestic deportation operation in history. He also vowed to reduce drug overdose deaths and combat human trafficking, particularly involving women.

Promising to “knock out the cartels just as [he] destroyed and knocked out the ISIS caliphate,” Trump urged Congress to pass legislation ensuring drug dealers, kingpins, and human traffickers face the death penalty.

Throughout his speech, Trump commended police officers and firefighters for their life-saving efforts, while also advocating for swift action against lawbreakers.

Trump also fielded questions without assistance, contrasting with President Biden, who faced scrutiny for using a cheat sheet during a joint press conference. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Biden’s actions, stating it was “entirely normal” for the president to be briefed about potential questions and the journalists asking them. She also denied any knowledge of specific questions in advance.

As Trump continues rallying support, it remains to be seen how his promises will resonate with the American public.

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1 year ago

It’s resonating!!