December 5, 2022

At UN General Assembly, Ali Bongo calls for mutual efforts in tackling global challenges

President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon addresses participants at the Transform Africa Summit 2013 - Kigali, 29 October 2013
President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon addresses participants at the Transform Africa Summit 2013 - Kigali, 29 October 2013

Gabon’s President Ali Bongo Ondimba says that the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations Organization UNO demands a concerted and collective response to main threats and challenges facing humanity.

“As our member states commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations (UN), the whole world is watching us. The peoples of the world, who are facing the serious consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and who aspire to live in full dignity and security, scrutinize more than ever each of our decisions as leaders, ” Ali Bongo Ondimba said.

Highlighting the Covid-19 pandemic which forced the UN to resort to  videoconferencing of this year’s General Assembly, Ali Bongo noted that “beyond highlighting our vulnerabilities and our limits, one of the lessons to be learned from this pandemic is that multilateralism is not an option, but a real requirement of the universal conscience ”. “The world is thus at a crossroads. It is now up to us to make a choice with a duality of outcomes, namely: either to advance towards the future with faith, determination and solidarity or to give in freely to neo-isolationism and fatality, that is to say, the destruction of our “living together.”

 “On behalf of the millions of victims of this pandemic, of this invisible enemy, we must choose this year of commemoration, for more action, more commitment and responsibility,” the Gabonese leader believes that,  “The post-Covid-19 world order must resolutely revolve around a multilateral system that reinforces the United Nations in its role as a center for stimulating international cooperation and responding to global challenges.”

Ali Bongo wants all relevant actors to amplify synergies between governments, civil society and the private sector in a bid  to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contained in Agenda 2030. “The United Nations we want must be more just and united, and fundamentally reflect the various realities of the international scene. For this, the profound reform of the main organs of the United Nations is more than essential, for an adaptation to the demands of the moment in a world in perpetual transformation “, he insisted.

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