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Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar is a Nigerian politician, businessman and philanthropist who served as the second elected Vice-President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. This is an official statement from him.
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Perspective: The time for a total war on terror in Nigeria is now

The security situation in Nigeria is deteriorating rapidly and ordinary Nigerians are living in fear for their lives and the lives of their loved...

World’s highest unemployment rate: Time to help this government help Nigeria – opnion by Atiku Abubakar

I have never felt so bad at being proven right, as I am by the report from Bloomberg Business on Saturday, March 27, 2021...

Opinion – Nigeria needs to open up its economy, not close it

The number one challenge facing Nigeria is youth unemployment. In fact, it is not a challenge, it is an emergency. It affects our economy,...

Message of Goodwill To President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

As President Joe Biden begins his tenure as the 46th President of the United States of America, I am confident that this new era...

Atiku: I received the news Nigeria has entered another recession with a “very heavy heart”

It is with a very heavy heart that I received the confirmation that for the second time in five years, Nigeria has entered into...

Atiku to Buhari: The 2021 budget proposal contravenes the Fiscal responsibility act

Looking at the 2021 Budget Proposal placed before the National Assembly by President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, October 8, 2020, a number of issues,...

Edo: The end of Godfatherism has come in Nigeria – Atiku

There is a new dawn in Edo State, and the hard won victory of Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki is not just a victory, but...

Nigeria at a precipice under Buhari, Atiku shreds President in no-holds-barred statement

Nothing has shocked me in my entire life in public service as the revelation from Nigeria’s First Quarter 2020 financial reports in the Medium...

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In Ethiopia, USAID Administrator Samantha Power announces $720 million for COVID-19 response and recovery worldwide

. Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Samantha Power on Wednesday announced approximately $720 million in new funding from the American Rescue Plan to expand and intensify the fight against COVID-19 abroad, respond to humanitarian crises exacerbated by COVID-19, and support a global recovery while preparing for future pandemic threats.

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