Lindsey O'Neal

Lindsey O'Neal
Lindsey O'Neal is a correspondent at Today News Africa based in central Florida. Lindsey writes on foreign policy, environmentalism, and national security. She has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, speaks Spanish and Russian, and has volunteered in Latin America, Africa, and over five U.S. states.

Donald Trump might run as third party candidate in 2024

In America’s two-party system, third-party candidates have never taken more than a small portion of votes in presidential elections. After Donald Trump caused chaos...

Biden has delivered 50 million vaccine doses in 37 days, and may surpass 100 million shots he promised in first 100 days

President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has delivered 50 million vaccine doses in 37 days, putting him in a position to surpass the 100 million...

Lindsey O’Neal: I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana when COVID-19 hit then I received an email and just like that everything changed

Beginning my career during a pandemic felt like the end of a dream. I graduated college in 2018 and had goals to travel overseas and...

Protecting the little guy: Biden’s PPP loan for small businesses

The Biden-Harris administration increased lending to small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP. During White House remarks, President Biden said that starting...

How IMF is responding to COVID-19 economic crisis around the world

Overall, the International Monetary Fund is currently making about $250 billion, a quarter of its $1 trillion lending capacity, available to member countries for...

BIG BREAKUP: Kim Kardashian dumps Kanye West, files for divorce. He’s been dealing with emotional outbursts

Super star Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce after a 7 year marriage with artist Kanye West, multiple news outlets reported on Friday, including...

Money, vaccines and equity: Here are Biden’s town hall COVID updates

In the recent town hall, President Biden gave an update on COVID-19 vaccines. He said that “by the end of July, there will be...

Biden’s COVID-19 plans support improving global access to vaccines

President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has outlined his COVID-19 vaccination plans following his inauguration on January 20, and although his plans still significantly prioritize...

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