Tobore Ovuorie

Ms. Tobore Ovuorie is a multiple award-winning freelance investigative journalist with bias for health, development, solutions and data-driven multimedia stories. Ms. Ovuorie, a 2016 Alumnus of the highly sought after Chimamanda Adichie's Farafina Creative Writing Class, and 2018 Code For Africa Fellow, July 2016, edited and published Nigeria's first human trafficking anthology titled 'I Am Not To Be Sold'. When not on the road beaming her searchlights on regulatory failures, she tucks herself in a dark corner writing poems, carrying out researches and reading. A published author at age 16- a collection of her poems, Ms. Ovuorie is currently working on her debut novel.

Rejected and stigmatized by society, Nigerian human trafficking survivors ready to travel again Updated for 2020

“If you travel and you didn’t bring money, your family won’t love you anymore. I used to support my family before leaving Nigeria. But...

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