June 20, 2024

Belittled by Trump, France’s Macron finds his muscles in Africa, summons five leaders with tone used in colonial era

President Emmanuel Macron of France
President Emmanuel Macron of France

U.S. President Donald Trump may not be loved in most countries in Africa the same way Barack Obama or Bill Clinton was, but his constant criticisms of France and other European nations which are unable to adequately contribute to the fight against global terrorism but often find themselves lecturing and surprisingly dominating weaker nations in Africa is one piece of his presidency many people would remember for a long time.

Africans in the diaspora, especially those living in the United States, often look back and laugh as France, a country no longer in the forefront of technological innovation or any other innovation more often than not finds its voice and strength in Africa.

In Ivory Coast, French forces, violating the sovereignty of that nation, moved in and deposed an elected President following an election dispute, in the rest of French speaking Africa, France has continued to steal from those nations by compelling them to keep their foreign deposits in the central bank of France.

The increasingly impoverished country with yellow vest protests at home is surprisingly strong in Africa. It summons Presidents, has board members in local banks, has troops on the ground officially to fight terrorism, but in reality to support corrupt regimes that guarantee France continues to steal from African nations.

Now, with the people fed up, and facing hostility in five former colonies, President Emmanuel Macron has taken what The New York Times described as a harsh public stance.

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