Biden administration announces fresh sanctions against Russia over Navalny

The Biden administration on Tuesday announced fresh sanctions against various Russian governmental bodies and officials over the poisoning of Russian opposition figure Alexei Nalvany.

Тhe sanctions signal a major departure from the Trump administration’s hesitation to blame the Russian government for Navalny’s poisoning with a Soviet nerve agent last year.

While the Kremlin has repeatedly denied the allegations, the Biden administration views them as credible enough to sanction the Russian Federation.

The sanctions were announced by senior Biden administration officials in Washington DC.

Reuters news agency quoted the officials as saying that seven senior Russian government officials would face sanctions, such as asset freezes. In addition, the news agency added, “14 entities associated with Russia’s biological and chemical agent production, including 13 commercial parties and a government research institute, were levied punitive measures.”

Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responded with threats, saying Russia will respond with fresh sanctions.

The Biden administration said it seeks to reset the American-Russian relations and does not see the move as escalatory, but rather that it fits within the “guard rails on how these adversarial aspects of our relationship will play out.”

Furthermore, the Biden administration is considering additional sanctions based on allegations of Russian payment for bounties on American soldiers and of involvement in a 2020 cybersecurity attack on SolarWinds.

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