December 6, 2022

Biden administration asks Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to restore telecommunication services in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris walk from the Oval Office of the White House Friday
President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris walk from the Oval Office of the White House Friday

The Biden administration on Tuesday evening called on the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali to restore telecommunication services in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, a day after the government announced a unilateral ceasefire.

“We urge the Ethiopian authorities to immediately restore telecommunication services in Tigray and permit unhindered freedom of movement for and ensure the safety and security of humanitarian organization personnel,” the administration said in a statement. “Our paramount priority is addressing the dire humanitarian situation.  The United States stands ready to work with the Ethiopian government, Tigrayan authorities, the United Nations, and other international partners to expedite the delivery of life-saving food assistance, including to the estimated 900,000 people likely already experiencing famine conditions.” 

The statement by the United States Department of State said the ceasefire could be “a positive step if it results in changes on the ground to end the conflict, stop the atrocities, and allow unhindered humanitarian assistance.”

“We are closely monitoring developments.  We call on all parties to commit to an immediate, indefinite, negotiated ceasefire, so as to end the violence, restore stability to Tigray, and create a context for an inclusive dialogue that preserves the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ethiopian state,” the government said. “We urge all parties to adhere strictly to international humanitarian law and commit to unhindered humanitarian access and independent mechanisms for accountability for human rights violations and abuses.  We continue to call for the immediate, verifiable withdrawal of all Eritrean forces from Ethiopian territory, a necessary step for an effective, sustainable ceasefire and in accordance with the Ethiopian government’s March commitment to do so.”

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1 year ago

Check your State Department list of terrorist organizations, TPLF is one of them…! After decades, it is still the main culprit of this atrocities.

1 year ago

Leave ethiopia alone . Cant have it both ways. Wilthdrew and your JUNTAS are killing each other in Mekele. Dont blame Ethiopia. ??❤️??

Mariamawit haile
Mariamawit haile
1 year ago

Thank you America standing for Peace and Justice has reward from the mighty God .
#AbAhmedAli meets the criteria of a ture terorist. wagging a GENOCIDAL war on his own people , bringing a neighboring doctor #IsaiasAfwerki to massacre and kill his nation, commanding his military to gang rape girls and women ‘ looting private and government properties, destroying infrastructures. imprisoning journalists and opposition parties withoutcourtorder. assisinating hero engineer simegeew bekel on a day light on Merkel Square killing major Gen Saera mekonen, Amhara region leaders, and Havhalu. terrorizing mothers young children on a national TV ” mothers will cry young men will be killed buildings and infrastructures willbe destroyed ” Abiy Ahemd sitting on power illegally yet he is callings opposition parties a terorist. Ethiopia never experienced such catastrophic until the .illegitimate FAKE PHd holder Abiy ahmed took power. i after AbiyAhmedAli destroying tigray hospitals banks farms and schools he blocks aid and humanitarian access, cut off communication access electric power and destroying a bridge. calling alm kind of degrading name to network times’ CNA FRANCE 24 etc all reliable media Org as fake media. who meets a true TERORIST criteria?. whhat the USA ?? and European countries asking about stop killing innocent civilians stop Rapping girls and women stop using famine as a war weapon. but Abiy Ahemd and his cult followers are upset because all they know is hate sealing killing and destroying. AbiyAhmedAli and his supporters are the true terrorist. AbiyAhmedAli has no legitimacy to call anyone a terrorist. Abiy Ahemd and his supporters are murderer iar HATFUL and gang rape enablers.

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