Biden believes an alliance of democracies can hold China accountable

‘Fair competition’, ‘fair practices’ and ‘fair trade’ are some of the international rules U.S. President Joseph R. Biden Jr. expects China to play by, and plans to hold China accountable if they continue to flout them. These rules lay the groundwork for his three-part strategy in dealing with China effectively as outlined clearly in his first press conference on March 25.

Biden’s Presidency comes at a pivotal point in competition with China. Not only does China threaten the world as an autocratic global superpower and sustain this power through international human rights violations, but China plans to be “ the leading country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world, and the most powerful country in the world.”

Biden has been very clear about how its “not going to happen on [his] watch”. His presidency comes at a time where it seems as if the stars have aligned in terms of dealing with China. Biden is the ideal adversary. He was Vice president under Obama when the now current Chinese President, Xi Jinping, was also Vice President of China.  Apparently,  he“ had spent more time with Xi Jinping than any world leader had”.

Now, This robust relationship plays a key role in holding China accountable amidst intensely complex competition. Despite their being  strong competition, and  mutual avoidance of confrontation, President Biden insists that China must play by the international rules “fair competition, fair practices, and fair trade”.  These globally understood rules are transparent to much of the world, yet China continues to disregard them. In response, Biden has indicated that “in order to compete effectively…we’re going to deal with China effectively” by prioritizing a 3 part strategy.

First, Biden wants America to “ own the future” by investing in American workers, and American science . These means technology development In areas such as Artifical intelligence, Biotech, Quantam computing, and Medical technology. We plan to support this by raising investment form .7 to 2 percent GDP in technological research. China invested 2.4 percent of their GDP in 2020. Biden has already taken concrete steps in owning the future by setting up the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology(PCAST).

Secondly, as previously demonstrated by the ‘Alliances speech’ by Secretary of State Blinken from the NATO headquarters in Belgium, Biden is reestablishing and strengthening ties between allies.  Such as meeting with 27 heads of state in Europe and collaborating with the “quad” nations like Australia, India, Japan, in order to create an “alliance of democracies” to hold China accountable. He declared that democracies must work together to ensure China follows the rules.

Lastly, and most importantly, is striving to uphold a democratic value system, and to ensure China does the same.  A value system that upholds  the notion of freedom, human rights, and honest representation of the values of your people. Conversely, President Xi of China, and Russia believes that Autocratic government is the “wave of the future”.  A government system in which complete decision making power is in the hands of one person, which could in no way uphold the values of the people being governed.

Biden’s plan to deal with China is transparent; it is a battle between the Utility of democracies and autocracies In the 21st century.

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