July 22, 2024

Biden-Harris Transition team meet with Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and the Poor People’s Campaign

President-elect Joseph R. Biden introduces his national security and foreign policy team
President-elect Joseph R. Biden introduces his national security and foreign policy team in Wilmington

In a meeting with the Poor People’s Campaign, incoming Biden-Harris White House and Transition Team leadership discussed the importance of pursuing a policy agenda that addresses the multitude of challenges facing people in poverty in America today, including COVID-19, the economic crisis, racial injustice, climate change, voting rights, voter suppression, and more. The 90-minute conversation took place between Poor People’s Campaign Co-Chairs Bishop William Barber II and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis and poor and low-income leaders and advocates, and Congressman Cedric Richmond, Ambassador Susan Rice, Yohannes Abraham, Cecilia Munoz, Minyon Moore, Ashley Allison, Stefanie Feldman, Jessica Hertz, Mark Gitenstein, and other members of the Biden-Harris Team.

The Biden-Harris transition team appreciated the opportunity to hear directly from Poor People’s Campaign representatives on why these policies are important to poor and low wealth people and their desire to work with the incoming administration to increase opportunity and economic mobility for people and communities in need. The transition expressed appreciation for the Poor People’s Campaign’s work and policy priorities. As President-Elect Biden said of his administration at the Poor People’s Campaign’s “Voting is Power Unleashed” event in September, “ending poverty will not just be an aspiration, it will be a theory of change to build a new economy that includes everyone.” The transition looks forward to continuing this conversation and working together as allies on common ground issues.

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