Biden on World Cancer Day: For the First Lady and me, this is the fight of our lives

The fight against cancer is personal for me and my family, for Vice President Harris and her family, and for millions of families across the country and around the world.

As every family facing cancer does, our family learned as much as we could about the cancer our Beau fought, from his diagnosis to the very end. We had access to the world’s finest nurses, physicians, and researchers. And the more time we spent with them, the more we understood that even if we couldn’t save our son, the science, medicine, and technology are progressing faster than ever to save countless others. Now, as president, I am committed to ending cancer as we know it.

That mission motivated me every day when I led the Cancer Moonshot Initiative as vice president. Jill and I traveled around the country, meeting with thousands of cancer patients and their families, physicians, researchers, philanthropists, and technology leaders. We sought to break down the silos and stovepipes that prevent information sharing and impede advances in research and treatment. And today, we are more hopeful than we have ever been about the progress we’ve made, and the promise of what’s ahead.

For the First Lady and me, this is the fight of our lives. Just yesterday, Jill was able to join the hardworking scientists and researchers at the National Cancer Institute to thank them for their work and learn how we can better support their efforts. This issue is going to be a major area of focus for Jill and her team, and a focus of our entire Administration as well. We know, as far too many families know, the courage it takes to go to radiation treatments — to face cancer head-on every day. And we know what it takes for family and friends to support their loved ones, to hold their hand while they get their chemotherapy or sit with them after surgery. On this World Cancer Day, I want every family facing this fight to know this: there is hope. On the strength of dedicated scientists and researchers, tireless health care workers, and brave families like yours, we are going to win this fight once and for all.

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