Biden surveys damage caused by harsh winter storms in Texas

President Biden and First Lady Dr. Biden on Friday visited Houston, Texas, where they surveyed the damage from the state’s recent winter storms that left millions without power.

The White House said on Thursday that the President’s primary focus is on securing relief for the people who have been impacted, not weatherization or preparation policy.

“Well, let me first say that he’ll be traveling for most of the day with the governor. And they’ll be surveying the damage and I’m sure he’ll be getting an update and briefings from him directly,” Press Secretary Psaki said Thursday.

While President Biden plans to spend most of the day alongside Republican Governor Abbott, he will not meet with Senator Ted Cruz, who came under fire for taking his family to Cancun, Mexico amid the winter storms. Cruz will instead be speaking at the Conservative Action Conference in Florida Friday.

Referring to the damages caused by the storms, Psaki said, “He views it as an issue where he’s eager to get relief, to tap into all the resources in the federal government to make sure the people of Texas know we’re thinking about them or fighting for them. And we’re going to continue working on this as they’re recovering.”

“There’s plenty of time to have a policy discussion about better weatherization, better preparations, and I’m sure that’s one that will be had. But right now we’re focused on getting relief to the people in the state, getting updated briefings, tapping into all of the levers of federal government.” Psaki continued.

While in Houston, President Biden also planned to visit the COVID-19 vaccination center at NRG Stadium that is run by the federal government. Notably, the United States saw its 50 millionth vaccination under the Biden administration on Thursday. However, the United States also recently surpassed 500,000 coronavirus-related fatalities.

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