Biden tours Pfizer facility, says vaccines are safe and will be available by the end of July

President Biden on Friday toured a Pfizer facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he asserted that “the vaccines are safe” and “we’re now on track to have enough vaccine supply for all Americans by the end of July.”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Friday that the company is “on track to provide to the U.S. government a total of 120 million doses by the end of March, and to reach 200 million doses released by the end of May, two months ahead of the original schedule of that milestone.”

Pfizer and its partner BioNTech produce one of the two COVID-19 vaccines that have been given approval for distribution in the U.S.

According to White House Press Secretary Psaki, “Pfizer is on track to provide the U.S. 120 million doses by the end of March and 200 million doses by the end of May.”

Bourla said Friday that Pfizer is currently supplying the U.S. with 5 million vaccine doses per week but is working to increase by “more than double of that number, starting from the next couple of weeks.”

During his CNN townhall on Tuesday, the President claimed that there should be enough vaccines available by the end of July to vaccinate every American.

He reaffirmed on Friday that production is on track to meet this goal but clarified the projection, saying, “That doesn’t mean it will be in all Americans’ arms, but enough vaccines will be available by that time.”

President Biden also used the opportunity to once again call on Congress to pass his $1.9 trillion relief bill known as the American Rescue Plan, maintaining the urgency of its passage and explaining that it “deals with the immediate crisis.”

The President also made a plea with the American people to go out and get the vaccine as soon as it is made readily available to them.

“But if there’s one message to cut through to everyone in this country it’s this: the vaccines are safe, please for yourself, your family, your community, this country, take the vaccine when it’s your turn and available. That’s how to beat this pandemic,” he urged.

Noah Pitcher is a global politics correspondent for Today News Africa covering the U.S. government, United Nations, African Union, and other actors involved in international developments, political controversies, and humanitarian issues.

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