Biden’s economic team praised as experienced and historic

U.S. President-elect’s economic team has been praised as experience and historic.

Biden on Monday announced key members of his economic team, including Janet Yellen as Secretary of the Treasury; Neera Tanden as Director of the Office of Management and Budget; Adewale ‘Wally’ Adeyemo as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury; Cecilia Rouse as Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers; and Jared Bernstein and Heather Boushey as members of the Council of Economic Advisers.

Janet Yellen 
Janet Yellen

The nominees will be introduced o Tuesday, December 1, by President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in Wilmington, Delaware.

The nominees and appointees have been receiving praise from a broad chorus of bipartisan lawmakers, top economists, and key leaders and advocates around the country.

Wally Adeyemo 
Adewale ‘Wally’ Adeyemo

What they are saying:

Robert Reich, Former Labor Secretary

“Biden appointing Cecilia Rouse to head CEA, along w Jared Bernstein @econjared, and Heather Boushey. Neera Tanden @neeratanden to OMB. Excellent. All committed to full employment, boosting wages, reducing inequality. W Janet Yellen at Treasury, most diverse economic team ever.” [Tweet, 11/29/20]
Representative Tim Ryan

“Congratulations to this capable group of experts. As we face an unprecedented economic crisis, this incredible team will help us meet the moment & start moving in the right direction. I look forward to working with them to build a better future for hard-working American families.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Michael Strain, American Enterprise Institute:

“Rouse, Bernstein & Boushey places the CEA in good hands. With Yellen as the nominee for Treasury and Neera Tanden as his pick for OMB, Biden’s team will be a solid mix of academic & policy expertise, experience & political acumen.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Mary Kay Henry, SEIU President

Biden’s economic team — Janet Yellen, @wallyadeyemo, @neeratanden, Cecilia Rouse,  @HBoushey, and  @econjared  — shows he remains focused on unrigging the rules so working people can bargain for a better future. We look forward to working with them to tackle the crisis. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Heather McGhee, Color of Change, Chair of the Board

“Congratulations to all of us on some great picks for the WH economic team. I know @wallyadeyemo @neeratanden @HBoushey @econjared & @JanetYellen personally and trust them to swing for the fences to meet this perilous economic moment.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Gene Karpinski, President, League of Conservation Voters

“Economic policy is climate policy, and President-elect Biden is assembling an incredible team committed to addressing climate change and economic and racial inequality … We are confident these appointments will help ensure climate and environmental justice are top priorities across the next administration’s domestic and international economic initiatives. This is what an all-of-government approach looks like.” [Statement, 11/30/20]

Senator Dick Durbin, Democratic Whip 

If confirmed, Janet Yellen will not only become the first woman to serve as Treasury Secretary, she’ll also be the first former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers & Chair of the Federal Reserve to serve in that role. @JoeBiden couldn’t have chosen a more qualified person. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of Senate Finance Committee

“Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley tells the Capitol Hill pool that President-elect Biden’s intended nominee for Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, “would get a favorable view” in the Senate…” [Tweet, 11/20/30]
Senator Sherrod Brown, Ranking Member of Senate Banking Committee

 “Janet Yellen would be a fantastic choice for Treasury Secretary – one that prioritizes workers over Wall Street. She led the country out of the 2008 financial crisis, and she would do the same in the Biden Administration to guide us through this economic crisis.” [Tweet, 11/24/20]
Senator Elizabeth Warren

“Janet Yellen would be an outstanding choice for Treasury Secretary. She is smart, tough, and principled. As one of the most successful Fed Chairs ever, she has stood up to Wall Street banks, including holding Wells Fargo accountable for cheating working families. For the past four years, Secretary Mnuchin has catered to the wealthy and well-connected, while struggling families and small businesses were left behind. I’d look forward to working with Secretary Yellen to strengthen our economy, tackle inequality, and protect consumers.” [Tweet, 11/23/20]
Senator Richard Blumenthal 

“Not only will Janet Yellen make history, but she will be the steady, experienced hand we need to guide us out of an economic crisis that Trump exacerbated at every turn. After four years of the Trump Admin putting profits over people, Yellen will make sure American consumers come first. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Senator Jeff Merkley

“Throughout her long career of public service, in which she has served as chair of both the Federal Reserve and the Council of Economic Advisors, Janet Yellen has proven herself to be a champion for broad-based economic growth that reaches everyone in our country. Not only will she bring a strong track record of fighting for America’s working families and crafting innovative and responsible economic policy to the position, her confirmation as the first female Treasury Secretary will also break yet another long-standing glass ceiling for women in leadership. [Statement, 11/30/20]
Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Former Secretary of the Treasury

Yellen “will have a tough job ahead of her, but she has the experience, talent, credibility and relationships with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to make a real difference.” [New York Times, 11/23/20]
Representative Patrick McHenry, Republican Leader of House Financial Services Committee

“Janet Yellen demonstrated her intellect, foresight, and independence during the financial crisis, and throughout her term as Fed Chair.” [Statement, 11/30/20]
Representative Nydia Velazquez

“A daughter of Brooklyn, Janet Yellen would be an outstanding choice for Treasury Secretary. She understands how to build back our economy and won’t forget the crisis of income inequality that simultaneously plagues our country.” [Tweet, 11/23/20]
Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President

“President-elect Joe Biden has made history by nominating former Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman  @JanetYellen to be the first female treasury secretary, moving away from decades of bipartisan Wall Street groupthink. As Federal Reserve chair, @JanetYellen made critical decisions that prioritized jobs and wages for all working people, including communities of color long ignored by economic policymakers.” [Tweet, 11/23/20]
Jay Timmons, National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO 

“Janet Yellen possesses extraordinary expertise and sterling credentials to serve as U.S. Treasury Secretary. Her nomination is, of course, historic as she will be the first woman to serve as Secretary. NAM leadership met twice with Chair Yellen during her time leading the Federal Reserve. We were struck by, and appreciative of, how focused she was on American workers and the success of the manufacturing sector. Our conversations with her were refreshingly never one-way as she listened intently to the perspectives of America’s frontline job creators and asked probative questions on how Federal Reserve policies impacted our ability to invest, hire and strengthen our communities. We look forward to a similar productive relationship in working with the future Secretary as we continue to seek clarity on additional stimulus and economic needs for the sector’s recovery.” [Statement, 11/30/20]
Paul Krugman, New York Times Columnist

“She never forgot that economics is about people.” [NYT, 11/26/20]


Robert Reich, Former Labor Secretary 

“Biden appointing Cecilia Rouse to head CEA, along w Jared Bernstein @econjared, and Heather Boushey. Neera Tanden @neeratanden to OMB. Excellent. All committed to full employment, boosting wages, reducing inequality. W Janet Yellen at Treasury, most diverse economic team ever.” [Tweet, 11/29/20]
Senator Sherrod Brown, Ranking Member of Senate Banking Committee

“Neera Tanden is smart, experienced, and qualified for the position of OMB Director. The American people decisively voted for change – Mitch McConnell shouldn’t block us from having a functioning government that gets to work for the people we serve.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Senator Elizabeth Warren 

“I agree.” Quote Tweet of Sen. Sherrod Brown [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Senator Cory Booker 

“I’ve known @neeratanden for over 2 decades. She’s brilliant and laser-focused on making our country a fairer place for all. I’m excited to work with her as she does the vital work of rebuilding our government.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Representative Barbara Lee

“Such a great choice to lead OMB.  @NeeraTanden will bring the experience and humanity urgently needed in this position. Congratulations!” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Representative Hank Johnson 

“.@neeratanden is uniquely qualified to help lead the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to ensure that our nation’s budgets and programs reflect our shared values of hard work, fairness, and respect. If confirmed, Tanden would be the first woman of color to lead the OMB.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Representative Judy Chu

President-elect @JoeBiden has promised to create a government that is experienced and diverse. Nominating @neeratanden helps achieve both. As the first ever woman of color and AAPI to lead the OMB, she would bring her years of progressive leadership to this important job. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Representative Jared Huffman

President-elect Biden just made a great choice in @neeratanden to lead OMB!  Highly qualified, principled, and a trailblazer – first woman of color to hold this vital position. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus

“Congratulations to  @neeratanden on being nominated by  @JoeBiden  to serve as the director of the Office of Management and Budget! Once confirmed, she will be the first woman of color and first Asian American in history to serve in this  critical role.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
AAPI Progressive Action

“@NeeraTanden  has been a leading architect of bold policies designed to support working families, foster economic growth, and curb inequality. She’s uniquely qualified to help lead the Biden-Harris OMB, and ensure that our nation’s budgets and programs reflect our shared values.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]

Bill Kristol, The Bulwark

“Serious conservatives, responsible moderates, and hard-headed liberals should want a tough-minded OMB head. OMB is where Cabinet secretaries’ ill-considered projects go to die, where programs are evaluated, where trade-offs are made. Neera Tanden is the right person for the job.” [Tweet, 11/30/2020]
Stephanie Schriock, President of Emily’s List 

“I’m so excited about women being front and center in this administration! And a special congratulations to my friend  @neeratanden on being named director of the OMB. So well-deserved!” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Cecile Richards, Supermajority Co-Founder

“I’ve known @neeratanden for decades – she is smart, qualified, innovative and a tireless advocate for women & families. She knows from her own life how policies on paper can bring real lasting change to millions – I’m grateful she’ll be at the helm of OMB.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Alexis McGill Johnson, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America

“Yes ⁦⁦ @neeratanden  as head of OMB. Amazing news! Congratulations and looking forward to supporting your leadership!” [Tweet, 11/20/30]
Randi Weingarten, President of American Federation of Teachers 

“.@neeratanden has been a leading architect of bold policies designed to support working families, foster economic growth, and curb inequality. Sheʼs uniquely qualified to help lead the Biden-Harris OMB, and ensure that our nationʼs budgets and programs reflect our shared values.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Sherrilyn Ifill, President of NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund 

“Wow. Congratulations  @neeratanden!” [Tweet, 11/29/20]
Valerie Jarrett, former Senior Advisor to President Obama 

“.@neeratanden grew up on welfare and lived in public housing.  She experienced first hand the importance of our social programs.  Her extraordinary career has been devoted to improving opportunities for working families. She is an excellent choice to lead OMB.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Tina Tchen, CEO of  TIME’S UP and Former Chief of Staff to Former First Lady Michelle Obama

“…I have had the privilege of working with  @neeratanden  inside government and outside as an advocate. She is smart, tenacious, dedicated to helping working families. Having her lead the budget process at OMB is a win for working people! #BidenTransition” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Justice in Aging

“Congratulations to long-time former  @justiceinaging board member  @neeratanden  for her nomination as OMB director!” [Tweet, 11/20/30]
Neal Katyal, Former Acting Solicitor General

“Wow, this is awesome! So proud of @neeratanden who will make for a fabulous OMB director at a time when the country needs it more than ever.” [Tweet, 11/29/20]
Jason Furman, Former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers

Neera Tanden: Knows politics and policy, brilliantly balances & communicates about both. She will lead a powerful OMB that is oriented around advancing the President’s most important goals, including tackling climate change, reducing inequality, and fostering growth. [Tweet, 11/29/20]
Stacey Abrams

Congratulations to my friend, @neeratanden on her nomination as OMB Director! I worked for OMB in grad school, evaluating grantees of the Telecommunications & Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIIAP). Very proud of her & sad for @amprog. But mostly very proud of her. [Tweet, 11/29/20]
Dr. Ashish K. Jha, Dean, Brown School of Public Health

I’m pretty fired up about @neeratanden as next head of OMB. Most folks may not understand the critical role of OMB to functioning of the federal government. And having a leader that is super smart, knows what’s important, and can get stuff done? Critical. Thus, @neeratanden [Tweet, 11/29/20]


Representative Hank Johnson 

.@wallyadeyemo is a veteran of the executive branch and his deep experience in the national security space will also ensure Treasury’s work on financial sanctions, counter-terrorist financing, and CFIUS review are running on all cylinders from Day One. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Jason Furman, Former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers

Wally Adeyemo: A major force in international economic policymaking in the Obama Administration, Wally rose rapidly through the ranks as one of the most talented economic policymakers of his generation. He is smart, effective and also kind. [Tweet, 11/29/20]
David Cohen, Former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

I worked closely with @wallyadeyemo at Treasury and when he was deputy National Security Advisor.  He will come to the DepSec role with a deep knowledge of nat sec issues – especially the critical intersection of national and economic security. As Treasury’s key role in national security continues to grow — sanctions, CFIUS, financial integrity, etc. — it is so great that he will be there to help @JanetYellen and the entire foreign policy/national security team. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Mark Sobel, Former US Treasury Official and US Representative to the IMF

“…Also key, Wally knows Treasury — its policy remit and all of its parts — inside out.  He’s efficient, pragmatic and knows how to get things done.  He’ll be instrumental in helping the Biden Treasury hit the ground running. [Tweet, 11/29/20]
Valerie Jarrett, former Senior Advisor to President Obama 

.@wallyadeyemo has worked his entire career to promote economic growth to all communities on a global scale. As the first African American Deputy Secretary, Wally will help ensure that the #bidenharris admin builds back better through inclusive economic and global policy. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Sam Vinograd, Former National Security Council Staff and CNN National Security Analyst 

“Having worked with Wally at @USTreasury and watched his work @WHNSC on a range of national security issues,  I am looking forward to seeing his expertise applied to addressing the challenges facing this country.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]


Representative Hank Johnson

.@CeciliaERouse A leading labor economist and member of the CEA during the Obama-Biden Administration, Rouse’s vision and expertise will be essential to helping build an economy that delivers for working people and positions our nation for shared prosperity in the years to come. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
.@HBoushey A leader with deep experience in government and the nonprofit sector, Boushey has worked tirelessly throughout her distinguished career to make our economy work better for Americans who too often have been left behind. [Tweet, 11/30/20]
William Spriggs, Chief Economist, AFL-CIO 

“And history is made, as Cecilia Rouse, who was the first, and so far only Black person to serve on the three member President’s Council of Economic Advisors is nominated by @JoeBiden as the first African American to chair the Council of Economic Advisers” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Michael Strain, American Enterprise Institute

“By selecting Rouse, Biden has put a top economist with significant policy expertise and experience at the head of the internal White House economic research arm. That makes Rouse — who served as one of the top three CEA officials under President Barack Obama and is currently dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs — well suited to advise Biden on the challenges facing workers in today’s weak economy.” [Bloomberg, 11/30/20]
Jason Furman, Former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers

“Jared Bernstein: A stalwart of economic policymaking. Jared is a keen analyst and passionate advocate for working people who is also trusted and respected across the political spectrum. He brings macro, trade, labor & more to the role.” [Tweet, 11/29/30]
Stephen Kinsella, Economist

“Congrats to @HBoushey, reportedly headed to Biden’s CEA. She’s an outstanding economist. Really focused on the real world. She’ll help the President in his work. Cecilia Rouse, Princeton labour economist will chair the CEA and Jared Bernstein will join. Great picks.” [Tweet, 11/29/20]
National Association of Social Workers

“Congrats to social worker @econjared for his selection to @JoeBiden Council of Economic Advisers. Bernstein has called for higher social work salaries and said economists should work as social workers before cutting social safety net programs.” [Tweet, 11/30/20]
Chief White House Correspondent for

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