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Boris Johnson, Brexit and Africa – Opinion by Adedeji Adejobi Updated for 2021


Updated: February 24, 2021

With heightened fury over Brexit and politicking, a London Lawyer and Principal, Ennon & Co Solicitors, Adedeji Adejobi, lends his share of voice to the conversation and the import for Africa …

The argument is not to leave or remain in the European Union – we voted to trigger article 50 and leave the EU at the end of this month.

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Now, it’s time to sort out how, and while we are arguing over deal or no deal, many are reevaluating their options, including whether the UK should remain in the EU. It’s as simple as that.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street in central London on September 4, 2019, to take part in his first Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) at the House of Commons. – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson braced for another showdown in parliament on Wednesday after a humiliating defeat over his Brexit strategy, with MPs set to vote on a law aimed at blocking a no-deal departure. Johnson has said he will seek an early general election if MPs vote against him again, intensifying a dramatic political crisis ahead of his October 31 Brexit deadline. (Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP) (Photo credit should read DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

We all know elections are coming, the House of Commons is (for me finally exciting! But some may say I like pain!)

Boris Johnson knows he will have a tangible, if divisive proof of having delivered on a referendum as ammunition to campaign with.

Labour does not see how best to get this across clearly enough – and they are getting all the help of an open goal from the courts. Even the Conservatives are helping labour – their hard-right controversial ERG group, the recent loss of 21 MPs sacked by Boris Johnson for voting against him. Their loss of majority!

The opposition

Adedeji Adejobi, London

Any opposition should get this across – along with their own credible proposals on the way forward, or Boris Johnson should have an open goal. Come up with solutions – he looks like he is doing it (albeit ultimately rehashing Theresa May’s deal which he voted against!) He already mentioned three key areas where progress is being made. If he pulls this off, he will not only win, he will win many more elections.

It looks like it’s all politics and it just occurred to me – how weird red it will be that all these politicians currently in the House of Parliament get VOTED OUT.

Imagine even if the speaker is completely new! Interestingly there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make it happen. Now is the time for people to now begin to line themselves and their people up. Now is the time for everyone who can vote to think carefully about how they want to be governed and reflect carefully before voting.

Lagging so far Behind

Anyway, in all this, I hear some people have lost their jobs when big holiday companies like Thomas Cook are going bankrupt, ordinary taxpayers are getting stranded and incurring bills and other problems, people are worried about how to eat, where to sleep, their jobs and wages, bills, their children’s education, health and retirement, the elderly, the less able, rail and transport, science and technology. The list goes on and we are lagging so far behind!

Yet see parliament last night. Whilst their stage performances and behaviour is…. well less said about that, it’s such a cop-out that one of them blamed the politicians, commercial interests and then, how dare you! the judges! For their lack of leadership when its those same interests they are meant to protect as well as above all – the common people on the streets, like the man sleeping under green road overhead bridge and the family of five on benefits and crime.

The fact is they are all not prepared for the rebellion of the poor against the rich while some are genuinely ignorant of how to deal with it.

Meanwhile, they have all always really served the interests of different interest groups including those mentioned by that MP. Now they are struggling to work out how to do that same thing whilst dealing with this revolt of Brexit.

They had been so comfortable and have ignored the interests of the poorer in society whilst the austerity measure did not help. Now at least Boris says there is money.

MPs Politicking with People’s lives

The fact is these guys are making a mess of things and are politicking with people’s lives. It’s sad to say that what I see on all sides is politics! They are not dealing with the real problems and all they seem to do is fighting to be who is for the establishment and who is for the people, mere politicking. These folks are actually just campaigning – they have spent the last 3 years preparing for an election which is inevitable by shouting that word time and again – we are for the people. The people are standing outside Parliament waving placards. I don’t see many of these parliamentarians with them. But expect them at your doorstep during formal campaigns.

In the meantime, Thomas Cook has gone burst. Many companies are struggling, and that is an understatement. People are struggling and we have not talked of British people in Europe and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, it is not as bad as we fear, I think. It is certainly exciting.

For Boris

He sets the tone and is the epitome of the screw-up, first of the conservatives in general, Theresa May and then the whole parliament. He does not think before he speaks and words come out too easily for him, if he can work on that he should be helped. At least he focuses the Brexit argument in a direction. Shame he now thinks he is “Donald Trump Light”.

At least he is trying to – even if people say he doesn’t know what he’s doing (how best to) But we don’t know and truly understand their alternatives-regarding us living. At least for now, the mandate is to “Leave” – we should have all been working together for the past three years to leave not screwing up.

People didn’t really understand what they were voting to. They knew clearly what they voted against or from though, albeit winning by a narrow margin. They expected and trusted MPs to sort out the rest in a sensible manner. Every breakup has its elements of uncertainty and the earlier you get on with it the better.

The Common Man As Pawns

The stupid pawns/common man – will still get arrested by Boris police and locked up whilst his family suffers even more. Boris will use that as part of his figures showing how he is tackling crime.  Politicking with the common man’s life. Some people lost their jobs today and others are facing being laid off.

There has to be an MP’s standards investigation into what happened on 25 September in that chambers. The MPs who have behaved reprehensibly should be sanctioned, even if all of them. We have TV evidence of their admissions as records.

Vote them Out

The question is can we trust MPs to police themselves now. Yet ordinary people are being prosecuted in courts and imprisoned regularly – BASED on the laws these lots make! It really ought to be a shame if the British people don’t vote all of them out on the coming elections and purge this sacred chamber. I wish someone can run a campaign on this headline. It seems a good opportunity to raise consciousness and turn the tables on these politicking politicians, and truly seek to deal with our future.

Meanwhile, perhaps Gina Miller and others like her can take this matter to the courts too, there is something called a crime of incitement.

Import for Africa

As I said above, it’s all politics and politicking. It’s Brexit in London. As my friend once said the last time we see things like this happen in Europe, Africa began to get independence.

Now is our time to really unite and take off together – we have to maximise what Africa has – for Africa and do the exact reverse of Brexit.

My view anyway, but I remember reading a book by Kwame Nkrumah – Africa Must Unite! Wow!!!!! I recommend this book to every living thing! As I said above, my view on Brexit, anyway.

Adejobi, a UK based solicitor contributed this piece from London, UK.


Opinion contributor
Opinion contributor
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