Breaking! Boko Haram Members Jump Into Mines Planted By Themselves In Cameroon, 6 Dead

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At least six Boko Haram terrorists died on Friday night when they jumped into mines they had earlier planted themselves in Cameroon’s far north region, a report said on Saturday.

Eight Cameroonian soldiers died in February when a mine planted by Boko Haram exploded between Kolofata and Kerewa.

Boko Haram is said to have planted mines along the border between Cameroon and Nigeria and about 7000 Cameroonian and Chadian soldiers camped along that border find it hard to cross due to those mines.

On Friday night, at least six Boko Haram members jumped into mines they had planted themselves around Gassama village in northern  Cameroon, reported local newspaper, L’Oeil du Sahel.

That same Friday, the village of Homeka in the Mayo-Sava department was attacked by Boko Haram, leaving two civilians dead. Not far away in Amchidiré locality, Boko Haram set many houses on fire.

Many houses were also set ablaze by Boko Haram in Gakara village while a suspected Boko Haram member was arrested in Tolokomari village by a vigilance group there, the newspaper said.

Boko Haram has stepped up attacks in northern Cameroon and Nigeria as well as in Chad and Niger as the terrorists try to carve out a caliphate in the Lake Chad Basin.

A multinational task force meant to fight the militants who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in March and have since modelled their barbarism after the Middle East killers is taking time to begin operations.

Five Presidents in the Lake Chad Basin have vowed they will crush Boko Haram within months, but with attacks continuing and killings multiplying in huge numbers, many are beginning to lose faith in politicians words, vows and promises.


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