Camps Bay beach in Cape Town
Camps Bay beach in Cape Town

BREAKING: COVID-19 cases top 10,000 in Africa with more than 500 deaths


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  1. Hide Behind says:

    In the US to cal peoples fears officials are saying the virus is said to be reaching a plateau, but what being on a plateau means a leveling off at set levels of new cases, dead, and those needing respiratotor- intensive care and those going home, not that the virus is disappearing.
    That is an important distinction, as officials talk of being able to handle medical loads
    should not give populace false sense of security that they face less odds of catching it.
    My second issue should be under the racist attitude of Europeans about using those in Africa as test rats and guinea pigs but put here.
    Recently Mayor of Chicago, a Black Lady came out against Fed and State officials for not listing by race those most susceptible to Virus.
    Chicago and other cities where Blacks hold office have been, not New York, keeping track by race; conclusion is that Blacks are 3 x more likely to contract and die at rates higher than do whites.
    For those not familiar with New York and other eastern Seaboard and New England, cities and even suburbs are divided into ethnic Burroughs along racial- ethnicity and even religious lines, sand the epicenter in NY, is the same as in isral, smoking heavily populated Burroughs of Orthox Jewery.
    At on set of virus, no matter nation those most susceptible and those dying were Asians, once again Asians.
    In Middle East the hardest hit Nation State is the non-Arab nation of Iran, a Persian People.
    That the fact of not reporting increase to Blacks has no real excuse except for Officials Deliberately not reporting.
    Every Americans hospital entrance will have a box checked of by patients racial profile, records are there.
    As to why ethnicly white Europeans chose Africa has many many reasons but the main reason is Africans, just as were native Americans in US lack the genetic make up in i.munity, and there for lots and lots of subjects to study, study practicesnthat their own primarily white Nations would not legally allow within their borders.

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