European Union calls for an independent probe into COVID-19 response

The European Union on Monday called for an independent investigation into the COVID-19 response, including the origin of the virus.

The call was made by Croatia on behalf of the European Union at the World Health Assembly taking place virtually because of the deadly disease.

Other members of the European Union who spoke at the Assembly backed the call by Croatia, saying it will health strengthen measures to combat future health emergencies in the world.

The World Health Assembly is taking place virtually because delegates cannot congregate to Geneva, Switzerland, because of COVID-19.

Every year, delegates from all 194 Member States that make up WHO gather to agree the Organization’s priorities, leadership, and budgets. At the Assembly, new health goals are set, and tasks are assigned in order to reach those goals.  

Delegations consider and provide guidance on policies and courses of action, which are then coordinated and overseen by the secretariat. While WHO can make recommendations and suggest courses of action, particularly in unprecedented times of global health risk, it is ultimately up to each government to determine their response and act upon it. The WHO secretariat does not have the power to enforce any action from individual Member States.

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