Italian nurse Daniela Trezzi with coronavirus kills herself over fear of infecting others

A 34-year-old Italian nurse working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic took her own life after testing positive for the respiratory disease and was remorseful she might have infected others while treating them, the Daily Mail reported.

Daniela TrezziNewsflash/Daniela Trezzi

The report said Daniela Trezzi had suffered “heavy stress” amid fears she was spreading coronavirus while treating patients at the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza in the hard-hit region of Lombardy.

The UK news site said Daniela Trezzi was working in the intensive care unit while under quarantine after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

New York Post quoted the National Federation of Nurses of Italy as expressing “pain and dismay” over Trezzi’s death, which came as the country’s mounting death toll surged with 743 additional fatalities Tuesday.

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