May 19, 2024

BREAKING: More than 500 people dead from coronavirus in U.S. in past 24 hours, as Trump sends U.S. Navy hospital ship to New York where about 900 have died

More than 500 people died from coronavirus in the United States in the past 24 hours, more than any other day since the deadly bug was first reported in Washington state, according to a virus tracker that compiles data from all states.

Overall, at least 2200 people have died in the United States from coronavirus, according to the latest tally.

The data also shows there were at least 525 new deaths in the United States on Saturday with at least 19,452 new cases. Overall, the United States now has close to 125,000 cases of coronavirus with more than 2600 recoveries, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Many of the new cases came from New York where there are now close to 900 dead overall.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York said New York is trying to procure ventilators in preparation for possible apex (when curve hits the highest point). Apex in New York is estimated in 14-21 days from now.

“We’ll keep COVID-19 patients separated from the other patients in hospitals. We can now test for antibodies to determine whether a person had COVID-19. This is a blood test,” he said at his daily news conference alone.

Many experts predict that things will continue to get worse for another two to three weeks before they get better. That means the number will continue to grow exponentially with a daily death toll probably reaching one thousand and then beginning to come down rapidly as well.

This will happen if the current measures put in place, including physical distancing, hygiene and respiratory etiquettes continue to be enforced all over the country.

While New York remains the epicenter of the crisis in the United States with more deaths and new cases, more than 180 people have also died in Washington state, 140 in New Jersey, 111 in California, 137 in Louisiana and elsewhere, according to the new tally.

On Saturday,President Trump sent U.S. Navy hospital ship to New York City with supplies and medical personnel to aid in the coronavirus pandemic response.

“This great ship behind me is a 70,000-ton message of hope and solidarity to the incredible people of New York, a place I know very well, a place I love,” Trump said at the Norfolk Naval Station.before sending off the USNS Comfort. “We’re here for you. We’re fighting for you and we’re with you all the way and we always will be.”

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