One of Africa’s most popular prophets T.B. Joshua sends scathing letter to Trump, warns EU travel ban will backfire and affect 2020 election results

One of Africa’s most popular prophets T.B. Joshua has sent a scathing open letter to President Donald Trump, warning that his sweeping travel ban on most European countries will backfire and affect the 2020 presidential election results.

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“This travel ban on flights from Europe will cause a backlash. It will affect the American economy the more and also the world economy. It will also affect the forthcoming election in America – in one way or another,” T.B. Joshua warned in a statement posted on his Synagogue Church of All Nations’ Facebook page.

“The travel ban is not the best way to stop the spread of coronavirus. The initial measures America put in place are the best way – they just need to be reinforced.Coronavirus is fear and fear lingers in the air. Fear does not need to fly to America or any other country on a plane before being contracted. In conclusion, we are on our knees praying. The noise of coronavirus will be silenced before the end of this month – March 2020,” T.B. Joshua, a Nigerian pastor based in Lagos, added.

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The message to President Trump titled “This is an official message from The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) regarding US President Donald Trump’s announcement of a travel ban on visitors from European countries to America over the coronavirus outbreak” was preceded by previous recent prophecies from Prophet T.B. Joshua that came to pass, including the chaos around the royal family split.

On December 28, 2019, TB Joshua released his prophetic message for 2020, warning that “this year will be a year of humility. This year, the Lord will humble us with our challenges. Challenges can be affliction, disease, sickness etc. To humble us with these is for those things to destroy us or expose us. Let us move closer to God.”

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President Trump  announced on Wednesday night the United States will suspend travel from Europe to the United States for 30 days over the fast spreading coronavirus.

In his televised message from the White House, Trump said the unprecedented move was to protect the United States from COVID-19, the deadly respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Trump said the measures will go into effect at midnight Friday. He said the “strong but necessary” restrictions would not apply to the United Kingdom.

President Trump argued that while the United States suspended all flights from China to protect Americans from COVID-19, Europe failed to take the same strong measures, and as a result, saw a spike in infections, and imported them to the United States.


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  1. God! we are your children, have mercy and forgive us from this affliction, as we continue and begin to get more closer to you Jehovah God, Thanks for your perfect timetable through your loveth Prophet TB Joshua………Let us STOP adding more afflictions, racism and gross embrassement against humility cause God hits them. If only we need to overcome this affliction, we need to start caring and showing love to one and STOP closing airports from your fellow humans…..

  2. Comment:when god servant seek the wise listing. thank u prophet tb Joshua . may the world ear what god his staying through you . thank u prophet l love u and l believed in u.

  3. Prophet tb Joshua thank you for your prayers and prophecies in this time of global panic and sudden fear in our life’s, thank you for gives us a new hope in Christ Jesus that we his children are free from fear of on known.

  4. Comment:may the Lord bless you and your family and the entire people arnd you who believe the prophecy , the mighty man of God, we aren’t shaken of that outbreak , in Jesus name we pray we shall be safe and healthy …. for God and Africa,,, God will continue using u until the whole world will proof that it’s lord using u pastor TB Joshua… am in Uganda in eastern … we love u all.

  5. May God continue to give us the courage and strength on how to eradicate these deadly endemic syndrome that are hovering around the globe.
    God help us for we are still under your care!!

  6. This is realy a challenging time for the world to stand for each other as one and to find a lasting solution to this reality of today for a better tomorrow for all of us, our children and the feature to come to be better than today. May God help us

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