BREAKING: Trump administration sanctions Tanzanian politician Paul Makonda for targeting gays

The United States on Friday sanctioned Paul Christian Makonda, regional commissioner for Dar es Salaam in Tanzania for targeting gays.

Visiting Tanzanian President John Magufuli delivers his speech during the official commissioning ceremony of the Nairobi Southern Bypass road

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Mr. Makonda sparked fears in the gay community in Tanzania when he announced plans to track and punish all homosexuals in the East African country.

The Tanzanian politician Paul Makonda and regional commissioner of Dar es Salaam, is a devoted supporter of President Dr. John Magufuli. He is well known for promulgating harsh rules against homosexuality and prostitution.

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Apart from his work in politics, Paul Makonda also has a Youtube channel with about 3K followers. He only posts about his political activities, public view on his channel.

In a statement, the U.S. Department of State said it was sanctioning Paul Makonda for “oppressing the political opposition, cracking down on freedom of expression, and targeting marginalized individuals in Tanzania”.

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It called on the Tanzanian government to respect human rights and hold accountable those engaged in such violations.

Last December, the Trump administration warned in a travel warning that “individuals detained under suspicion of same-sex sexual conduct could be subject to forced anal examinations.“


 Paul Christian Makonda
Paul Christian Makonda
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  1. You people are so lost and sad. Who are you to judge anyone? I am a gay man and I am fortunate to live in Australia. The horrific things that I have hear that happen through the world and in your own country is devastating!
    I YOUR god sees such a sin, let him judge. Let him be responsible.
    Where is your compassion and love in your belief? We are not all the same. We are not meant to be the same. Because of your belief, you feel it is ok to punish and judge and show inhuman cruelty to another human. There are LGBTQ plus people ALL OVER THE WORLD and we are just fine. We live just fine. We love, we hurt, we have dreams and desires. Why should you be more than them, more than us?
    Shame on your arrogance and blindness. Shame on you for acting on a god that expresses compassion, but not on anyone that is not right in YOUR eyes. Not your god. You are the evil and the darkness. You are the hate. I hope you learn that before it is too late for the next person that has to lose their life.

  2. Susan, I guess you best be getting back to whatever country you consider “more worthy” ! Political winds “change mightily” and one day, a person that believes as I do will have the power to “revoke citizenship” for disloyalty ! And you might find yourself in a nasty third world country that really deserves your treason ! We owe foreigners nothing !

  3. I was born in the United States. May America be cursed by God for their evil. They oppress African countries that stand up to the abomination. Never give up or give in to thar devilish cojuntry.

  4. With all the suppression of marginalized people in America we have no room to talk. And yes I’m an American only by the grace of God. Blessings to the innocents both here and in Tanzania.

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