November 26, 2022

U.S. records its highest death toll from coronavirus in a day

New York City
New York City

The United States on Thursday recorded its highest death toll from coronavirus in a day with nearly 270 people passing away, according to various virus trackers.

The United States also on Thursday became the epicenter of the deadliest coronavirus outbreak in the world. It overtook China and Italy for the number of confirmed cases, and continued to sprint forward as the minutes turned into hours.

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The number of confirmed cases in the United States has skyrocketed to nearly 86,000 with about 1300 overall deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. These numbers were likely to change rapidly.

The United States also recorded more than 17,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in a single day on Thursday, another grim milestone.

Health experts are warning that with the number of cases increasing rapidly, hospitals may soon be overwhelmed, especially in New York City where more than 20,000 people have tested positive for the deadly bug, and hundreds of them have died already.

The Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio warned on Thursday that the state was running out of hospital beds to accommodate coronavirus cases alone.

New York City has about 20, 000 hospital beds, he said. Mayor de Blasio said that number of hospital beds would need to triple to cope with the rapid escalation of the coronavirus there.

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The ventilators and respirators are also not enough to cope with the rising number of cases.

Both are critical to save lives, and having them could mean life or death, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday while discussing the massive $2 trillion stimulus bill passed by the Senate on Wednesday night, and expected to pass by the House of Representatives on Friday.

The bill seeks rescue an economy decimated by the coronavirus economic impacts and send direct deposits or checks to Americans workers forced to stay home.

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  1. Alex Hamidu says:

    May the Almighty God in heaven forgive us our sin, and battle with this deadly virus in Jesus Name Amen. We should all confess our sin and come close to God for forgiveness l pray God will hear his Christian and Muslim prayer in Jesus Name we have pray and confess A Men

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