Buhari congratulates Kamaru Usman for beating Jorge Masvidal to retain welterweight title

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has heartily congratulated Kamarudeen Usman on the successful defence of his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight title with an emphatic win over Jorge Masvidal.

As the first African-born and Nigerian UFC Champion, President Buhari commended the courageous fighter for finishing strong inside the octagon, proudly flying the green and white colours in distant lands, and reminding the world that good things and great people still come out of Nigeria. 

While the global COVID-19 pandemic may have brought gloom to many families and nations, the President said he was delighted and gratified that our welterweight champion has lifted “our spirits with another professional performance  proving that things will surely get better at the fullness of time when we remain committed to our vision.”

The President wished Usman the very best and more victories in his career and prays that like fine wine, he improves with age.

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