Buhari vows to keep frustrating ‘the devilish operations of Boko Haram’ after massacre in Maiduguri

President Muhammadu Buhari vowed on Monday that his administration will continue to “frustrate the devilish operations of Boko Haram”, after a terror attack left at least 30 civilians dead and dozens injured on Sunday night.

Reports said the attack occurred along the Maiduguri-Damaturu Highway in Auno town, Borno state.

A news agency quoted Adamu Saleh, a bus driver in the area, as saying that the terrorists opened fire on vehicles parked along the highway after the military closed the road as part of security measures.

A dozen vehicles, including trucks carrying food items, were also burned by the terrorists.

In a statement received by TODAY NEWS AFRICA on Monday, President Buhari commiserated with family of victims of attacks, assuring them that his administration will ‘continually frustrate the devilish operations of Boko Haram, and bring it to an end’.

President Buhari condemned the “murderous and cowardly attack on innocent passengers by the Boko Haram terrorists near Maiduguri’’, adding that “this administration is ever determined to frustrate their goal to hold Nigeria to ransom’’.

“The commitment of this administration to protect the lives of Nigerians will not be derailed by the cowardly and indiscriminate violence against innocent people by Boko Haram terrorists,’’ he said, while reacting to recent attacks in Maiduguri.

 The President Buhari, who also condoled with the government of the state, warns “that terrorists are clearly on a back foot and their days are numbered’’.

 “As our armed forces continue to receive more hardware and intelligence to counter our current security challenges, the remnants of Boko Haram will ultimately be crushed. The peculiar challenges of asymmetric warfare notwithstanding, our armed forces are ever determined to defeat these enemies of humanity,’’ President Buhari said.

Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
Based in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America, Simon leads a brilliant team of reporters, freelance journalists, analysts, researchers and contributors from around the world to run TODAY NEWS AFRICA as editor-in-chief. Simon Ateba's journalistic experience spans over 10 years and covers many beats, including business and investment, information technology, politics, diplomacy, human rights, science reporting and much more. Write him: simonateba@todaynewsafrica.com


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