CACOL Condemns Rally Against Nigeria’s Anti-Corruption Boss, Ibrahim Magu

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The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has condemned what it described a ‘pro-corruption elements sponsored’ rally against the confirmation of Mr. Ibrahim Magu as the substantive Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC saying is disgusting and highly unrepresentative of the position of the civil society organizations and Nigerians generally.

Mr. Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman of the Centre said, “the fact that corruption is fighting back as the anti-corruption war rages on just reared its ugly head again today at the National Assembly in Abuja, when beneficiaries of corruption sponsored by their hidden recalcitrant pro-corruption elements staged at ‘protest’ calling for the non-confirmation of Mr. Ibrahim Magu as substantive chairman of EFCC. This is yet another attempt to frustrate the anti-corruption drive given Magu’s efficiency, effectiveness and courage in steering the EFCC toward ensuring that corruption is excised from the country’s body polity for socio-economic development.”

“The group which calls itself “Global Centre for Conscious Living Against Corruption’, is nothing but an amorphous one which is hitherto unknown in the anti-corruption crusade. The group is an ‘out of the blues’ civil society organization and prior to now, it is not known to have been engaging in civil society efforts to make Nigeria a better country through the anti-corruption drive or any other efforts.”

“Apparently, for those desperate to kill the anti-corruption war, all the cards in their game seem to have been played to near exhaustion, which for them necessitate carrying their desperation and shamelessness to this irritating level of attempting to toy with the collective intelligence of Nigerians, who in their majority understand their tomfoolery.”

“We know that Magu becoming the substantive Chairman of EFCC is like a nightmare to corruption criminals and it scares them, particularly those in the NASS to their marrows and this is why all sorts of means are deployed to ensure his non-confirmation. In fact we see this amorphous group as one apparently sponsored by the some members of the NASS, given that it is that body peopled with several elements that have plethora of corruption allegations against them and have been the main encumbrance to Magu’s confirmation.”

“We know if the acting Chairman of EFCC had been open to enticement and ready to ‘play ball’, he would have been confirmed by now, unfortunately for the corrupt-minded, he is a man of integrity and would not compromise, thus they resort all sorts of means to place unnecessary obstacles on the path of Magu’s confirmation.” Adeniran averred.

“Pro-corruption elements in the country know that Magu is not someone that will fall for intimidation and like he has declared, ‘he is ready to die for what he believes in’, which to rid our society of corruption.

“The protest by the so-called civil society organization is disgusting, reprehensible and tantamount to ‘a gathering of reprobates’ (Wole Soyinka). The protest is spurious and evidently sponsored for by those who are recalcitrant in keeping the country in a state of inertia while the resources of the collective are plummeted unfettered and corruption is perpetuated.”

“Nigerians must ignore these hirelings and their sponsors. For us, at CACOL, like we said before, we repose our confidence in Mr. Ibrahim Magu as EFCC Chairman given his marveling record of performance thus far. The non-confirmation of Magu as EFCC Chairman serves only the interests of the wicked, greedy and incurably corrupt elements and their tendencies in the society.” Adeniran concluded.


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