Cameroon Arrests Chibok Girl Turned Suicide Bomber, As Boko Haram Landmine Kills Soldier, Injures 5

The two bombers, with 32 explosives wrapped around their bodies, were arrested on Friday morning between the Nigerian town of Tarmoa and Nariki in Cameroon. Nariki is located in Limani.

Cameroon on Friday arrested two female suicide bombers with one of them claiming to be one of the girls abducted by Boko Haram in Chibok two years ago.

The two bombers, with 32 explosives wrapped around their bodies, were arrested on Friday morning between the Nigerian town of Tarmoa and Nariki in Cameroon. Nariki is located in Limani.

Local newspaper, L’Oeil du Sahel, said the two bombers were arrested by members of the vigilante group in Limani, and while one of them was handed over to the Multinational Joint Task Force, the other was taken to the hospital for treatment. A third suicide bomber escaped and found her way back to Nigeria, the newspaper said.

Reports quoted local government administrator Raymond Roksdo as saying that one of the suicide bombers claimed to be one of the Chibok girls.

“One of them indeed declared that she is one of the Chibok hostages. She is around 15. We are now verifying, because on the Nigerian side they have the names and photos of these girls,” he said.

Military sources also told journalists that one of the girls claimed to be from Chibok.

About 300 Chibok girls were abducted two years while in their school dormitories in Chibok, about 130 kilometres from Maiduguri, the Capital of Borno State in northern Nigeria.

For two years, governments have failed to rescue them and there were speculation that they were being used as suicide bombers.

The war against Boko Haram is far from being over. On Friday, Six Cameroonian soldiers were injured by two landmines planted by Boko Haram in the region. One of the soldiers called Owona died when his vehicle stepped on a landmine between Amchidé-Gancé in Cameroon’s far north.

Four other Cameroonian soldiers were injured at Zamga in the Mayo-Moskota department.


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