July 25, 2024

Cameroon Makossa icon Nguea Laroute is no more

Nguea Laroute
Cameroon music icon Nguea Laroute is no more

Cameroon Makossa icon Nguea Laroute will sing no more. She died on Sunday in the commercial city of Douala following a long battle with diabetes.

Her best singles include “Soleil de décembre”,  “Désillusion” and “Hommage à Samuel Eto’o”.

Born Louise Koubinom, Nguea Laroute had battled diabetes for several years, a health condition that led to the amputation of her both legs some months back. 

According to CNews24, “In August 2019, Mama Nguea in a video that went viral on social media testified that she had diabetes and called for public support for her health care. The Ministry of Arts and Culture, MINAC later sent her an emergency support envelope.”

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