Cameroon musician Longue Longue released after 4 days in jail for criticizing Biya government

Makossa singer and songwriter, Longkana Ango Simon, known better by his artistic name, Longue Longue, has been freed by security forces in Cameroon’s port city of Douala after spending four days behind bars.

The renowned artist who came to fame in the 80s and 90s for his critical tracks which ended him the title “The Liberator,” was arrested late Sunday night at state-owned Sawa Hotel in Douala and detained at the Bonanjo judicial police.

It remains unclear why the aced makossa singer was arrested since he was never charged with any crime. However, it is believed that his arrest was prompted by a recent video he released criticizing the regime of President Paul Biya.

After his release Thursday April 4 at about 2 AM, Longue Longue featured yet in another but this time around he opted not say a word.

Last Sunday, the artists reputed for his critical tracks on the government of Cameroon and exploitation of Africa by Western powers, was picked up purportedly because of a video he released.

In the highly circulated video on social media, Longue Longue accused President Paul Biya of “stealing” victory at last presidential elections which took place in October 2018.

He stated that opposition candidate, Maurice Kamto, now in detention, defeated Paul Biya in the polls.

In the footage, the renowned singer challenged the regime to organize another election if they are confident the got the peoples votes.

Amos Fofung
Amos Fofung
AMOS FOFUNG Nkunchoh is a multi-talented journalist with an intrinsic passion for investigative, politics and conflict reporting. He's based in the U. S.A.


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