CAR parliament adopts news electoral code


The Central African Parliament has passed a bill on 23 September giving more time to the National Election Authority (ANE) to better organize the voter registration which has been delayed.

At the risk of endangering the entire electoral process, the presidential majority and the opposition agreed to postpone the convening of voters, which was due to take place on September 27. The project was therefore adopted to the chagrin of part of the opposition calling for national consultation by ensuring that the ANE runs straight to failure.

“The debates were heated but in the end, the yes largely won,” the first Vice-president of the National Assembly, Jean-Symphorien Mapenzi told reporters in Bangui at the end of the plenary.

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To express their disagreement with what they described as a “coup by force of the presidential majority”, around thirty opposition MPs out of the one hundred and twenty-two present in the room left, just before the vote by hand lifting.

The bill amending the electoral code was finally adopted by eighty votes in favor and twelve against. The amended Penal Code will be enacted on September 27.

The main change to the electoral calendar concerns the deadline for the publication of the electoral rolls. The National Election Authority therefore obtains a stay. By the new dispensation, the organ  has until October 16 to complete voter registration and publish a provisional voters list.

The National Assembly announced that it had sent the text to the government, who in turn would forward it to the Constitutional Court which will decide in two days  whether this bill is constitutional or not.

In addition, the President of the Republic, Faustin-Archange Touadéra, must promulgate the amended penal code before September 27.



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