July 14, 2024

Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria Lawan Andimi killed by Boko Haram Islamist group

Lawan Andimi, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Michika local government area of Adamawa state, has been murdered by Boko Haram Islamist group.

The terror group, which says Western education is bad, has been trying to create a caliphate where only pure Islam is practiced and others are treated as ‘infidels’.

President Muhammadu Buhari strongly condemned the murder, describing it as a “deliberately provocative’ inhuman “terrorist killing”.

In his reaction to the incident this evening, President Buhari expressed sorrow that the terrorists went on to kill  the religious leader while giving signals at the same of a willingness to set him free by releasing him to third parties.

“President Buhari consoles the Christian community all over Nigeria, the government and people of Adamawa state and the Bishop’s family over the sad loss of the man of God and assures that terrorists will continue to pay a heavy price for their actions and would comprehensively be defeated by our determined armed forces,” the presidency said in a statement to TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington DC

President urged nations of the world to end all support provided to Boko Haram and Islam in West Africa, ISWA terrorist groups whose only goal is to sow death, violence and destruction in the sub-region.

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4 years ago

The current leadership of CAN is toothless and fearful. A CAN arm chairman is killed, the church leaders are feeling unconcerned and are going about as usual holding prosperity programme. What a shame! Papa Benson Idahosa would have called the entire Christians out and shaking the country by now.

What prodigal and godless, I don’t care leaders. Shame.

4 years ago

I totally agreed that Islam want another jihad in Nigeria and we are busy dancing over the so called freedom of worship in our constitution that has been throne under the carpet