Chinese billionaire Jack Ma visits Nigeria. He was considered “too ugly” to get a hotel job in U.S.A. only to found Alibaba Updated for 2021


Updated: March 6, 2021

Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire who founded Alibaba, after he was rejected by many employers, including some who believed he was too ugly to get a front desk job at hotels in the United States, is in Africa’s most populous nation.

Mr. Ma met with the Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the presidential villa on Thursday, reportedly with about 10 other billionaires.

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After he discovered the Internet in Seattle, United States, in 1994, Jack Ma realized there was nothing Chinese in it, including the language.

From the United States, he began adding some Chinese words and history and anything he could find.

Not long after, Jack Ma founded, the world renowned internet trading platform now worth billions of dollars.

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A former school teacher who pioneered the e-trade business in China, Jack Ma and his colleagues came on the invitation extended to him by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the last World Economic Forum In Davos.

He came into the meeting room directly after a 15 hour flight from Shanghai, China.

Jack Ma said he was happy and delighted to be in Nigeria, a country he has longed to visit, an associate of the Nigerian Vice President, Babafemi Ojudu said on Facebook.

“He promised to bring to the benefit of Nigeria his idea of the four Es: e-Infrastructure , e- Entrepreneur, e-Government and e- Education.
Jack Ma expressed his delight at the fact that four Nigerians are among the 10 people selected for e-Entrepreneur Competition holding among Africans . The event will take place for two days in Ghana. Ma said he is looking forward to Nigeria coming top in the competition.

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“Jack Ma and his colleagues were warmly welcomed by Osinbajo. He assured them of the cooperation of Nigeria government to benefit from the opportunities by the country’s population and the energy and creativity of her youths,” Ojudu added.

According to VP Osinbajo, the creativity and resourcefulness of young Nigerians doing incredible things in the technology space across the country and beyond present great opportunities for partnerships with global technology giants;
Mr. Osinbajo made the remarks when he received a delegation of Chinese technology entrepreneurs led by Co-founder of AliBaba Group, Jack Ma, at the Presidential villa.  
Mr Ma is in Nigeria on the invitation of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as part of the Federal Government’s efforts to promote technological innovation amongst young Nigerians as a means of job creation.

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Osinbajo told Mr. Ma, “just as you said, Nigeria represents an incredible opportunity and potential, and we had spoken a few minutes ago about how Nigeria will in another two decades or so become be the third largest in terms of population in the entire world. The largest segment of that population are young people, under 25, who will be over 60% of that population.
“This is exciting time for us and we are really happy that you are here and I know the young people and lots of businesses and entrepreneurs are looking forward to your interaction with them later today.
“I think you will find very energetic, very creative group of young men and women and older men and women who are increasingly interested in entrepreneurship especially digital entrepreneurship.
“So, the potential is tremendous, it is an incredible potential that we have. So, we are at a point, and your coming is very strategic, in our trajectory and in the progress of our country.
“I think, it is a very important moment and what we are seeing – a lot of entrepreneurship, a lot of young people who are very actively engaged in the digital economy at various levels.”
The Vice President also spoke about some of the steps already taken by the Buhari administration to support young Nigerians in the technology space in building skills and capacities to create opportunities for themselves and others.
He said, “But just as I said earlier, one of the critical things for us is that with a huge population and so many people living in the rural area, we have major issues around financial inclusions for large numbers of our people. And so making payments or doing financial transactions across the country presents a challenge which we have to meet.
“The point you made is important, namely, that Government must provide the infrastructure for purposes of enabling the entrepreneurs to do more effective business.
“So, that is one of the critical areas for us. We have a programme that is called Broadband Connectivity for all by 2023 which is basically to see how we can deepen connectivity for all.
“We are also looking just as you said about e-government, that’s also crucial because government tends to be viewed with a great deal of suspicion, nobody is quite sure of what the government is up to all the time. We think that government can benefit from the efficiencies that the digital economy provides.
“So we are at a point where we are also looking at how to revolutionize government businesses so that we can do more in terms of business with the ordinary citizens, give more information, do more transactions, get passports and licenses and approvals online and that kind of thing.”
Speaking specifically about the impact of the Federal Government’s N-Power program the Vice President said, “We started a job program for young people called N-Power where we engaged half a million young people.”
“We wanted to build the E-frastructure to make this happen, so we gathered a group of young entrepreneurs, so they put together the system which enabled us to engage the half million people.

“We pay them online, we teach them online, we put materials in open portals for them so that they can actually access these portals. They also have equipment (like the one I have) which helps them to train as extension workers for farms. They also work as teachers, so, we train them also using these open portals and all others and it proved to be tremendously successful,” he added.
Earlier in his remarks, Mr Jack Ma who made very commendable remarks about Nigerian entrepreneurs said he had always looked forward to visiting the country.
He said his company was working on promoting technological innovation in the areas of E-frastructure, Entrepreneurship, E-governance and Education in Nigeria and other African countries.
Mr Ma disclosed that four Nigerian technology entrepreneurs are among top 10 African entrepreneurs to be supported by AliBaba Group.


Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
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