Civilian abuses by Eritrean troops reported in Oromia and rest of Ethiopia

Eritrean forces are responsible for committing ongoing and widespread human rights abuses against civilians in Oromia and Benishangul-Gumuz regions, the Oromo Liberation Front detailed in a statement to Today News Africa on Sunday.

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“As per the secret agreement made between Ethiopian ruling group and the Eritrean regime, the Eritrea forces have been deployed to Oromia and Benishangul-Gumuz regions and repeating the same atrocities on civilians as that of the Northern part of the country,” said the statement.

While the abysmal humanitarian situation in Ethiopia’s most northern region of Tigray has drawn a great deal of international attention, Eritrean forces are reportedly responsible for ongoing human rights abuses and violations throughout much of Ethiopia including Oromia and Benishangul-Gumuz regions.

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According to the statement from the OLF, reliable information and tangible evidence points toward that Eritrean soldiers have been beating civilians, confiscating mobile phones, and arbitrarily detaining civilians in recent months.

The prolonged continuation of Eritrean military occupation in Ethiopia is believed by many to be a compromise of Ethiopian sovereignty and the ongoing disrespect for human lives has caused much controversy and has garnered condemnation from prominent players in the international community, including the United States.

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The Ethiopian government announced in late March that Eritrean forces had agreed to withdraw from Ethiopia, chiefly the war-torn region of Tigray where millions are in need of assistance. However, Eritrea has yet to follow through on this agreement.

Foreign leaders have appealed on multiple occasions for Eritrean troops to leave Ethiopia. Yet, Eritrean forces continue to indiscriminately commit appalling human rights abuses and atrocities throughout the country, including other regions such as Oromia.

“The atrocities, that were proved in Tigray operations and evidenced by the international community investigations, are observed in similar fashion in Oromia,” asserted the Oromo Liberation Front.

As international attention focuses on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Tigray, stability and security are threatened throughout Oromia as well. The OLF implores the international community to take a firm stance and condemn the actions of Eritrean forces in Oromia.

“We insist that due attention be given to the behaviors of this perpetrators and the development in Oromia as it is causing suffering of civilians and loss of civilian lives in these conflict areas,” said the statement Sunday.

As civilian lives continue to be threatened not just in Northern Ethiopia but throughout Oromia and other regions of Ethiopia, it is imperative that the international community take action and call for an immediate end to all hostilities and atrocities in Ethiopia that threaten civilian lives and respect for national sovereignty.


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  1. For once the US should try partnership and engagement in the HOA ! Imposing the same failed policies of the past is unbecoming of a powerful country. It is in its best to promote regional political stability and sustainable economic growth! When woefully flawed and politically motivated reports inform policies,invariably, the result is continued social and political instability.

  2. This “journalist” from Today News Africa, Noah Pitcher, presents an article deluged with outlandish lies and irresponsible accusations against Eritrean Defense Force without any evidential value whatsoever. The intent of these unfounded allegations is to soil the reputation of Eritrean Defense Force and hence Eritrea, in alignment with the manufactured narrative being relentlessly created to dismantle the promising future of the Horn of Africa.
    Eritrea has repeatedly made it clear that, as the TPLF committed the act of war in broad daylight beyond the Ethiopian borders by attacking Eritrea’s major cities with long range missiles, Eritrea had no choice but to reserve its right to defend itself and secure its southern borders, while fully respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. It has abundantly become clear that Eritrea’s detractors are frustrated for they couldn’t satisfy their famished appetite of demonizing the country even with their envisaged campaign of the “Tigray atrocities”, and thus, extending their lies to as far as Oromia and other remote Ethiopian states.
    Noah Pitcher of Today News Africa is another tool in this continuous diatribe to succumb Eritrea to her knees in an attempt to further their evil destabilizing agenda in the Horn of Africa. Apparently honest, thorough and fact-based information is no longer a necessity in “journalism”.

    Embassy of the State of Eritrea
    Washington, DC
    02 June 2021

  3. Ethical journalism at it’s worst!Spreading fake information to flame hate and conflict in already struggling third world countries is the last thing any responsible human/media outlet would do. Shameful!!

  4. What has happened to true journalism and objective reporting? Unfortunately, reports like these are fanning the flames of hate and social fabric of the wonderful people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Please stop with this non sensical attempt to re-write the heroic history of Eritrea…….

  5. you must do not know nothing about heroes of hero Eritrean miltariy disciplined. sad for you know nothing but big mouth lier

  6. You guys are so pathetic ! You were saying that Eritrea left with out any young people. You were saying the fastest emptying country in the world! Why is Eritrea shaking the world of fake journalists! All this fake news to tarnish Eritrea did not work the last 20+ years ! For sure it will not work now either ! Willy nilly Eritrea is the beckon of Renaissance for Africa!
    Eritrea, Eritrea, Eritrea,
    Her enemy decimated
    and her sacrifices vindicated by liberation.

    Steadfast in her goal,
    symbolizing endurance,
    Eritrea, the pride of the oppressed people,
    proved that the truth prevails.

    Eritrea, Eritrea
    holds her rightful place in the world.

    Dedication that led to liberation
    Will buildup and make her green
    We shall honour her with progress
    We have a word to her to embellish

    • A collection of pathetic and imbeciles, they sure don’t remember what they said yesterday and today!!! Ask this BOY, aptly named Noah, what does he know know about the Horn? Nada, nothing, zilch it is evident money can buy you anything!!!! Noah wake up don’t be fooled by your pocket and big belly.

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