May 22, 2024

Coronavirus death toll in U.S. tops 40,000 as total infections rise above 760,000

Washington DC during coronavirus quarantine March 22
Washington DC during coronavirus quarantine March 22

Coronavirus death toll in the United States skyrocketed above 40,000 on Sunday, even as the number of new infections continued to expand.

According statistics website Worldometers, which collates official data from health institutions on the novel coronavirus, as at 6 p.m. on Sunday, at least 40,478 people in the United States had now died from the COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

The data showed that 762,496 people had tested positive for the coronavirus in the United States while 69,956 others have recovered.

On Saturday, at least 1867 people were killed by the coronavirus while 29057 new infections had been recorded, according to the latest data. The real number may be much higher because testing is extremely limited in the United States.  

Johns Hopkins University data showed that about 3.7 million Americans have been tested for the novel coronavirus.

New York City on Sunday reported more than 500 new deaths, according to Governor Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo, who has used the coronavirus briefings as platform to sometimes talk about his three daughters, his grandfather, his daughter’s boyfriend, being Italian American, having dinner, or biking, claimed victory on Sunday.

He thanked those who had been working hard, but his premature victory was only based on the number of new deaths that have declined, but the new infections have continued to pile up.

The U.S. has recorded more deaths than any other country on earth, even as President Donald Trump continues to brag about the reportedly wonderful job he has done, and blames everyone else for his own failures.

On Wednesday, he announced he would be halting funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) for reportedly mishandling the coronavirus crisis.

The announcement triggered condemnation, including from Amnesty International and Bill Gates.

But the WHO is one source of information for the United States. The country has many other intelligence sources that surveil the world and alert the administration about potential outbreaks.

As far back as January until now, Mr. Trump was warned at least 10 times, reports said, but he did little to prepare the country about the coronavirus.

He even dismissed it, labeled it a as hoax at a big rally, blamed Democrats and Barack Obama for his lack of preparedness, and only began to take action in March when many people were already dying from the disease.

Ever since, he has tried to rewrite history, blaming everyone and claiming that he canceled flights from China early on to curb the spread of the virus. But many journalists have pointed out that he canceled flights but did nothing to prepare for the pandemic.

When disaster hit, the United States did not have enough of virtually everything, from ventilators to the PPEs.

Mr. Trump and his Republican colleagues as well as anchors at Fox News downplayed the crisis, claiming it was just like the common flu.

But WHO has said the coronavirus is ten times deadlier than the common flu. It also said it has been sharing all the information it has with member countries.

In anyway, Americans also work for the WHO and could not have hidden information from their own country.

But with 200 days to go before election on November 3, and with the U.S. economy in shambles, in addition to close to 35,000 American deaths from the virus, and counting, Mr. Trump is trying to rewrite history and reopen the country for the economy to pick up so he can brag about the strongest economy that has ever existed anywhere in the world!

But Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease expert and the WHO have warned against reopening the country too quick only for a resurgence of the virus to occur and to close the country again.

However, Trump is not likely to catch the virus himself, any visitor coming close to him has to be tested.

The tens of thousands of people or the hundreds of thousands of people who would die are ordinary American citizens who do not matter in Trump’s world.

After initially saying there were only 15 cases and the virus would soon go away and praising China for a reportedly fantastic job it was doing, Mr. Trump in recent days has been downplaying the number of deaths, claiming that because of his earlier actions, he saved millions from dying.

It seems at times Mr. Trump does not have empathy and has only one thing in mind, to be re-elected on November 3.

Former President Barack Obama has endorsed Joe Biden, his former Vice President. If he wins in November, the world will wake up in January a different place, with a virus behind, deaths behind and a new presidency that may need to work hard to bring back dignity, love, respect and decency in the most powerful country on earth.

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