Akinnifesi Olumide Olubunmi, a Nigerian citizen who was accused of being a gay, was beaten black and blue by irate youths in the southwest Nigerian state of Ondo on 17th February and died the following day, several reports indicated.

After his death, his Facebook friends invaded the social media network and said he deserved to die as homosexuals are forbidden in Africa’s most populous country.

They said he should “rest in peace if you like”.

A Facebook friend, Ogbeni Ade Omo Ade, wrote: “End of a gay! This will serve as a lesson to all the people that loves engaging in bisexual, homosexual, lesbianism and gay Akinnifesi was a guy that everybody in the community thought was a responsible person not until his secret was revealed when he was caught hands down with honourable Dotun who was a serving supervisory councillor in Ondo west local government in Ondo state he was beating mercilessly by Ondo youths that saw everything bad in a man dating a man he was rushed to the hospital but je later died of internal bleeding due to the mob beating the honourable has commuted a lot of atrocities by engaging in bisexual activities je is still on the run although his properties has being destroyed his house and family’s house has being burned down this should serve as a great lesson to all youths!”



Adewale Victor, wrote: “Akinnifesi Olumide Olubunmi When I heard this news of your attacked in Ondo on Facebook I was so disturbed. I said it to myself, that can this be possible that you involved in gay practices? or it was a set up until I investigate the whole story. You disappointed many people including your family and friends. Though I don’t support attack or jungle justice on gay instead they should be handover to the police for proper prosicution in law court of the law. What police should do is to get the run away politician involved arrested so gay will not be spread in the community and it will serve as a lesson to others.”

Another man, Mark John, wrote: “This is the last respect paid to the accused gay boy that was attacked on 17th January 2016 later died on 18th February 2016. Rest in peace if you like Akinnifesi”

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