May 30, 2024

Detroit Nurse Found Dead in Car Trunk After Alleged Kidnapping

Tragedy struck Detroit when a 29-year-old nurse was discovered deceased in her vehicle’s trunk following her reported kidnapping after her work shift concluded. The individual suspected of the crime is identified by the victim’s family as a former romantic interest, with authorities currently pursuing him.

According to the Detroit News, Patrice Wilson was purportedly seized by 36-year-old Jamere Miller. The incident occurred approximately at 7:40 a.m. on Saturday in the parking area of the DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital, where Wilson was finishing her shift. She was about to enter her black 2020 Lincoln Nautilus when the suspect allegedly intercepted her.

Police Capt. Donna McCord revealed to reporters that “the suspect commandeered the car, driving it south towards I-75 and Mack Avenue.” Officials described Miller’s last appearance as wearing a blonde wig.

Local 4 reported that Wilson’s lifeless body, showing signs of a gunshot injury, was subsequently located within the trunk of her vehicle near her residence at Pavilion Court in Novi, close to I-275.

Patrice Wilson and Miller had a history of dating, as revealed by her mother, Roslind Livingston, who also works at the same hospital. Speaking to Local 4, she stated, “She had been attempting to distance herself from him. She recognized his toxic influence in her life.”

Livingston, in an emotional plea, called for public cooperation in the ongoing investigation. “I implore the community to come forward. We must identify Patrice’s murderer to bring her justice,” she implored. She added with heartbreak, “On Mother’s Day, she’s absent from her son’s life. Her son can’t embrace her and wish her a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ today. That thought distresses me.”

The hospital where the victim was employed responded to the incident by offering condolences and extending grief counseling services to its staff. Brian Taylor, a spokesperson, in a statement on Sunday, expressed, “We extend our profound sympathies to the family, friends, and DMC colleagues of our esteemed nurse leader Patrice Wilson. Patrice was more than a colleague, she was a dear friend to many at DMC.”

In an effort to gather more information, authorities have asked anyone with knowledge about the incident to contact CrimeStoppers at 1-800-SPEAKUP for anonymous tip-offs or Detroit police at (313) 596-2260. The hunt for the alleged kidnapper, Miller, is underway.

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